Why be a nice guy?  

rm_Wolph2k 42M
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11/8/2005 11:53 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why be a nice guy?

I've sometimes pondered this on my own. But tonight, I saw a nice guy, good friend etc. get torn apart because of it. Honestly, I don't know all the details either from his side, or hardly anything at all from hers. But he didn't take it well, and he asked, might even call it begged, me for a reason why he should keep being a nice guy. He hasn't always been the nice guy he is now, was always a cool guy, but not always a nice guy. I've been a nice guy all my life, and I almost have to agree with him. I can't say that being a nice guy has ever really gotten me anywhere. What do you think? Anyone have any kind of decent answer to this?

rm_MBiggler2 59M

12/31/2005 9:31 pm

Why not be a nice guy? If your friend had been someone that was unplesant to be around, yet he changed, that begs the question "why did he change?"

I wasn't always a nice guy either, but I changed because I didn't like what I was becoming. That and several personal tragidies in my life made me think "something's gotta change". Maybe in your friends life he felt the same. So he changed.

But back to the original question, why be a nice guy? Because it's the right thing to be. Treating people with respect, compassion & caring - until they have done you wrong - is the right way to be. We all have dealt with the assholes out there & really hate it. We prefer to think we aren't like those people. And being a nice guy, your gonna get hurt once in a while. But a person can recover from hurt feelings.

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