Beyond the yellow Tape  

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6/6/2006 5:30 pm

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Beyond the yellow Tape

I and my lover were window shopping in a restored historic building (the Freighthouse Square) that had been opened to dozens of small shops and restaurants. But we found an area of the building that was still under construction. The crowds of people passed down the main hallway to the yellow construction tape and the signs that warned them to keep out, and then they turned and went down a flight of stairs to more shops below. The construction area was roped off with just this single strip of yellow tape.

So, OF COURSE...evil grin...WE went under the tape into the construction area. No one was working there that day. It was empty enough to echo with the voices of the people in the hallway behind us. There was an unfinished wall that just reached out into the hall and then stopped, and we quickly went around the corner of this wall where no one could see us. I put my finger to my lips to warn her to be quiet, and then I leaned in to her ear and asked her to take down her panties from under her dress. She smiled and did as I told her and then turned around and bent over, and put her hands up against the back-side of the unfinished wall.
Nothing was between us and all those people in the main hall but a few inches of plasterboard and about 20 feet of distance out to the yellow tape. As I fucked her we could hear every voice and every step as the people walked up to the tape and then turned to walk down the stairs. I was worried about the sound of my zipper when I pullit it down and lifted up her skirt to entered her. I grabbed her tits beneath her blouse and started fucking her brains out against that wall while we listened to the people going by just on the other side while she did her very best not to make any noise.

I am pretty fearless, but I was very hot, and I remember the smacking noise of my hips slapping up against her butt as I rammed her hard and hoping the crowds would not notice! I came pretty quickly within her after about ten minutes, which is real unusual for me, and then I kept fucking her until she came too. Normally she would come before me, but this time she was both scared as well as excited (she told me latter that she almost piddled at one point!) and the intense and conflicting feelings for her were delicious.

When we were through I turned her around to look at me. She was flushed and shaking, and her hair was all messed up as I moved in and held her against the wall and reached down and scooped my cum out of her pussy. She gasped as I ran my fingers up her slit. I straightened up and smeared it on her tongue and her lips, then made her swallow it, and then I kissed her passionately.

I wanted to tast more of her, so I bent down and licked her pussy clean (making her moan again!). I pulled her panties up and stood, and straightened out her clothes to my satisfaction. Then I pulled up my zipper, and we walked hand-in-hand, smiling, around the corner like nothing had happened.

A couple of minutes or so later in an antique store downstairs, I faced her with a big grin on my face and made her lick my still tachy and rich-smelling fingers clean right there in front of the other curious shoppers.

After our day of very sexy shopping, we had a light dinner and then went home to a spanking over my knee (she had been such a wonderfully bad girl!) which she always enjoyed. I can remember spanking her wonderful ass red and then stick my fingers up inside her to see how wet she was. Then we went to her bed and I tied her wrists with ropes, and we enjoyed a wonderful evening of wild, multiple fucks until we were both exhausted and my cum was running out of her every hole and shinny on her chin. It was so beautiful I took pictures of it! I untied her wrists and she moaned and squirmed as I posed her on the bed. I made her hold her beautiful butt cheeks and lips wide open for me with her fingers so that I could get a good picture of my cum leaking out of her ass hole and her lovely pussy. She was so beautiful I still have the pictures.

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Really? Lets see these pictures!

Purry {=}


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