Mother's Day Polka Ride  

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5/17/2006 5:01 pm
Mother's Day Polka Ride

I decided to start a new tradition on Sunday (Mother’s Day)… I went on my self-proclaimed “2nd Annual Mother’s Day Ride”. Can it be called a tradition the first time you do it? Or does it have to be repeated at least once (what I think)? Or maybe designating something as a tradition is good enough.

Mother’s Day is one of the few days a year where I’m pretty much guaranteed not to have my kids (they will be with their mother). It’s the one-day a year when I decide to wear my helmet! It was kinda kewl (even though it rained on my entire 90-mile ride) riding by myself. I do not have a radio on my bike (not yet anyway), so it allowed me to think and appreciate everything my mom has done for me over the years. Between “wrecking” a month ago (in heavy after work rush hour traffic) and thinking about what mom would think, I have decided to wear my helmet more. I have decided to wear my helmet when my bike is “less about enjoyment” and “more about transportation”, such as to/from work in heavy rush hour traffic.

Oh yeah…. this ride could have been called the “2nd annual Polka Mother’s Day ride”. After we finished our Buffet, a one-man polka band started. Talk about some “eye-candy” on the dance floor! Ok, it wasn’t that bad. Not until my mother drug me out there to join them! LOL

So join me next year for my “3rd Annual Mother’s Day Ride”. If you have a mother and a bike, ride your bike to see her knowing that we are riding together to see our moms. If you don’t have a mother but have a bike, join me to meet mine! She’s a wonderful mom!

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