First 3some experience  

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5/11/2005 1:31 am

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First 3some experience

Thought I would use this space to tell of an incident that happened to me many years ago.

I had broken up with a girlfriend, but remained friends with her. I went round to her house one winters night as she was a trainee hairdresser and she offered to cut my hair for me. On this particular night I arrived and GirlX's parents were away for the night and GirlX had her friend staying over for the night; GirlZ.

Well after I had had my haircut, we all settled down to watch TV and natter, it became late and it was icy outside so GirlX said that I could sleep on the settee and set off to work the following morning. I agreed this was a good idea as my motorbike was not a good option on the icy roads.

Well after the girls had gone to bed I settled on the settee to sleep, I must admit that the thought of those two upstairs was an attractive thought and I wished I was there with them. Within 10 minutes I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and in walked GirlX... I remember her exact words; "GirlZ says that you have to come up stairs and stay with us" this was followed by a smile and a little embarrassed giggle, she immediately closed the living room door without waiting to hear my answer and went quickly back upstairs.

Well I did not need to think on my answer for long, I immediately followed her upstairs and walked into GirlX's bedroom, there were 2 single beds with GirlX and GirlZ in each. At that point I had a dilemma, I fancied GirlZ to death and had never so much as laid a finger on her, on the other hand my ex-girlfriend was there and this was her show. I did the diplomatic thing I jumped into bed with GirlX, despite my desire to get into bed with GirlZ.

There was an amazing sexual tension and me and GirlX immediately began having furious sex. The fact GirlZ was in the bed just a few feet away was an amazing turn-on. GirlZ was quiet and just listening I guess. I was loving this and so too was GirlX, she was on fire.

Then something happened that would make this situation turn into a heavenly one, certainly as far as I was concerned anyway. GirlZ's words to the letter were "I may as well go home, you two dont want me here". I replied; "Dont be daft GirlZ, dont go... I know lets all get into bed together?" I looked at GirlX beneath me and she smiled and said Yes!

Both GirlX and GirlZ began to giggle, I did not laugh, I was so fired up at this outcome and so turned on, I had no time to giggle at the time.

Anyway, we all climbed into GirlZ's bed with me in the middle, it was a squeeze in a single bed but that just made it more fun. When my skin rested against GirlZ's skin I just got so turned on it is hard to describe. I remember having either hand on each of the girl's and thinking to myself that life could not be better. I had full sex with both girls including oral, I cannot tell you how good it is to have two female wonders next to each other which I could go down on and alternate as I liked.

As I had sex with one of them, the other would lean in close against us and both girls loved it, I noticed that both girls had several looks into each others eyes, what transpired there I do not know to this day, but I have a pretty good idea (at least thats what I like to think), although neither of them actually got with each other on that night... which was a shame.

Anyway, was an amazing first for me and it is something I look back on with fondness. Not seen either girl for many a year now, but i wonder if they remember that night with the same amount of clarity as me!

PS. Have subsituted names to GirlX and GirlZ .. obviously

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