Stabilizing Myself  

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10/16/2005 10:11 am

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Stabilizing Myself

With autumn finally in full swing, the colors are coming out at last. It seemed that the rhythm of nature had been disrupted for a reason unknown. The medians on the highway stayed green in October when they should have gone golden in August. The rains that should have ended in July kept coming until late September. I was confused.

The panic that set in was unprecidented in my lifetime. Curiosity burned deep in my head, asking "Is this then end of time?". After all, if there is anything someone can count on, it is Ohio weather.

That caused me to pause a moment and think.

How many times had it been said, "I live in Ohio because of the four seasons. I just wish they'd stop happening each week."? After all Ohio DOES have 4 seasons. Cold, Cold and Snow, Damn Cold and A Lot of Snow and Construction.

Suddenly, I realized that Ohio had thrown me a backup slider, just like I watched Roger Clemens throw to the St. Louis Cardinals. I swung at the dropping pitch, just as they had. Clever state, using good weather to catch me off guard.

I'm all better now.

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