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1/2/2006 12:54 pm

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Work was slow this morning so I was asked if I would like to be off early. You bet cha...nasty weather...rain, thunderstorms. I have a passion to have sex during these and this was my frame of mind as I got on my cell. Knowing a friend who's work depends on nice weather, would be home and was always an interesting sexual partner...north this Wicked one traveled....
His fetish is role playing and we have had some unusual situations due to this....
Have been his Lady of the Evening....going into a bar, allowing him to check me out, flirting and then him in a motel. Good plan, but when I walked in alone, went to the bar for him to come and pick me up....two other men in the bar had the same idea. He strolled over, sat down beside one of the guys beside me and attempted to make small chat, but was quickly shut down by the other two. I liked the idea of being a little hard to get with him and that proved very nice when we did get to the motel room. He was more excited.
We have done the "Superman" thing but I lost it when I saw him in a set of tights....the man was NOT built for them! Got so tickled at the sight, it put him out of the mood.
Today...his theme was "Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle. hmmmmm....jungle love now...Different...He was over enjoyed that I called for he has been working on this one for two weeks. Thinking I really do not have any clothes that would fit the play...what the heck, I am going to check it out anyway! He normally has a closet full of clothes to fit the mood.
When I arrived, he was in a terry cloth bath robe and told me what he would like for me to wear was in the bathroom...It looked a bit like a thong and bra. I changed and walked out to play...
He opens his bedroom door and OMG....he has real sand on the floor, deep on the floor now, you could not see the bed for the plants, thousands ALL over the room and vines hanging just like a jungle. Wow, you did go all out for this one...I thought with the warmer weather outside, we were just going to play around in your yard! I tell you, I did not open the closet door, afraid that this would turn into a threesome with a monkey....knowing him.
Off comes his robe and what a loin cloth he has on...Tarzan's chest is now his belly. But who wants to ruin the fun of the game. He beats his chest with his fists and does that awful yell of Tarzan. "You, Jane"....he ask. Yes, I am Jane, are you Tarzan? "Yes Me Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle!" "What are those, he ask touching my breast.. These are breasts, does Tarzan know about sex. "What's sex, Jane?" Allow Jane to show you, Tarzan as I reach under his loin cloth to stroke his cock... At this point, he plays like this confuses him and attempts to swing off on one of the vines hanging in the room.....ooopppppsss as he sails thru the air, it snaps and breaks...sending him into the bathroom door...Thud! Now I am beginning to think this is more like George of the jungle. And about that time, my eye catches a movement to the left of me, 2 foot away in the over growth....A real snake and Lordy, it was huge! That is it! Out the bedroom door I run...with him right behind me. "It got out of the cage, I swear! he is saying as I am starting to retreat into the bathroom to change.
Laughing we went into the living room and finished making love on the floor next to a fern.
Listening to the rain drops on the window pane, the distant thunder and the flashes..getting into the mood of our love making....he does that awful yell again! Pop my butt back into reality in a heart beat! Natural reaction when shocked in that manner is to swing and swing I did. Caught him under the chin....he came and went at the same time..across the room...."Damn...he says..."What a woman now!"
Like to play Master/Sub next time....oh.....wait...hell no, you hurt!

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1/3/2006 12:43 am

LMAO! Fancy opening a Stanislawski school for method role-playing? warm xx

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