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11/6/2005 2:02 pm

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I am not a creature that enjoys the same thing the same way every single time. The element of surprise and the enjoyment of exploring is my delights, so Saturday afternoon, I went shopping for just the right items for the prefect night of love making, or at least arousing his senses.
We has spoken during the week about meeting Saturday night but you know how things can change...so not having heard from him since Thursday.....my phone call was left over his voice mail of how I longed to him....within 30 minutes, he returned the call to tell me to cum see him about 7 that evening... Dinner? No, sugar....I am just hungry for you.....
Plenty of time before our meeting for getting my nails done and to go shopping for this evening that will soon be.
My first stop was at the dollar store for Rosie a couple of dog toys (that would get her attention away from us), some candles, a couple of very cool massage toys and some hard candy. That helps one get their mouth wet when involved in sucking another and the favor can be of your own choice....but do avoid the hot ones...they would appreciate that!
Next the grocery section of a major chain store for items when applied to a cock that would take some time to lick and suck off.....
Peanut butter....very good but it tends to stick to the roof of the giver's mouth. And it fills you up before he cums.
Honey....nice taste, but light and easy to removed. Can be very messy if not very careful and some do not care for the sticky strains on bed sheets, sofa or having to sit on top of a plastic sheet to avoid the mess.
The sundry ice cream toppings...nice mixtures of taste, but we just never got around to playing with them last night.
And the winner for Saturday evening and very much a big pleaser! Jet Puff marshmellow cream. In a little jar, open the lid, insert the cock ever how far one desires to go and done! No mess at all, and if done this way, no mess at all. Except around the one that is giving the blow job and I had no problem having him desire to clean my mouth last night.
So at 7 pm, he had the drinks mixed and ready and I surprised him at the door with a wicker picnic basket with all my goodies.
A couple of drinks and a dvd later, a nice massage on the sofa and then the Sta-Puff came out to play. It was worth the smile and to hear him say...."Hmmmm, it is all off, more please"

Buns4love 59M

11/7/2005 5:59 pm

I was just trying to line up a piece of ass for the weekend......little did I know what she was coming with.....we had a couple of drinks and some actually very good conversation....some very nice kissing and touching that really caught my attention and maybe think that this is someone special......we had spent a prior weekend together and it was awsome........I just thought that it was a one time thing but I was very wrong......she came over with a wickor picknic basket full of oral pleasures.....as I would find out later........and I did.......I will never look at marshmellows the same again.....something that must be hard to clean off and she did it many times with class......and much pleasure.....very much pleasure........she is a sex godess......cant wait to see her again...........and again..........and again.......

Rockhard2x6 54M

11/16/2005 12:52 pm

Ooooohhh Wow, I should be so lucky.

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