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8/11/2005 12:24 pm

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The candle slowly drips
hot wax that tingles as
it dribbles on the skin
a hissing rushes from my lips
without objection utterance
as my arousal rises deep within
it is not pain that I have sought
that fuels my sense of decadence
and makes me challenge taboo taught
but in this nearly dreamlike state
my spirit seeks deliverance
from the boredom I have brought
and as I stain to break the bind
so freely from culpability
wild passions rush to fill my mind
the wetness of my sweat-strained
brow shattering my tranquility
to slowly free the woman left behind
it is not softness I seek
or tenderness to fill my need
but deep desire and something more
oh not the words of which I'll speak
perhaps it is of lust and greed
an aching want that shakes my core
I crave the sting on my flesh
and warming fullness there inside
that frees the wail from my soul
my senses then will enmesh
as I surrender all to Your control
in cooing love sounds I reveal
a hidden side of me exposed
and I respond under firm caress
it is a dark and coarse appeal
in proper moments I've opposed
allowing one Yourself to now possess
wax curdles on my moistened form
enfolding in demanding Arms
I end my search for my release
shaking what has been my norm
discovering possession's charms
I to slip toward inner peace....

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8/11/2005 1:18 pm


rm_manforrhire 44M

8/12/2005 2:04 pm

Thanks for writing. I'm not all bad. Actually, I'm very nice, but unfortunately, nice guys usually become "friends" i.e. no loving, while the tough guys get laid.

It's all about attitude. What doesn't work for one, works wonders for another.

EdgeofdesireM 47M

8/15/2005 10:26 am

Drip Drip
A crimson trail
Hot splashes that sting then cool
A wonderful sensation indeed
A wonderful sight to see
A wonderful moment to be had

Thanks for sharing your perceptions of such a moment

rm_anacortes 74M
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8/19/2005 6:49 pm

A world of Tantra; no taboos.. spirits fly and glide.. strange patterns in the sky..who can explain what cannot be explained.. some things just happen.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa desire the motor of Goddess Nature... take us to our mate.. what is our "fate".. the sparks that fly.. oh yesss soooooo high... if dawn delayed and stars froze.. how long would we go on?

If a union formed so tight..each unable to part..oh that we be mates that our vibrations be in unison, that we not annoy..that no matter what the spark of joy remains.

But what is that?.. a ray of light.. again we are off to flight..


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