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11/17/2005 1:39 pm

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In the first meeting, does he welcome you openly with respect? That is a turn on for me to start with....if talk after wards gets suggestive, any thing can happen and normally does in my case.... Clean appearance, smelling good, can carry a good conversation and table manners....rates an A.. Starting off with your list of things that has to be done, things you dislike....FFFFFFF! Be natural and go with the flow of things, honey...
The Foreplay....
It is nice to start with a deep long soul searching kiss instead of a half ass grope for the boob. We all have our own special way to kiss and that can not be rated. The rating would have to count on the giver of that kiss. If it is GOOD and makes me wet, he gets more than a kiss....
I enjoy different types of sexual lifestyle from the rude and crude to the gentle love making. To rate this would have to be determined in what mood we both are in at the time. Have seen the same more than a couple of times and the excitement of being different each time has us returning to see what happens the next time.
If it begins with a gentle massage, oral sex or the kiss of a whip, my rating is an A plus for one that is unhurried in his actions, relaxed and open to exploring each other fully.
The Act......
I tend to differ in the thought that size matters on this. With me, it does not at all. It is how it is used. No rating on size but would count on how you do the act instead. Nice long easy strokes to have you feel me hold you within me. My legs around your neck as I come to meet you in the middle and ride you also. Are your verbal in bed? That is another A Plus in my book. No foul language but telling me what and how you enjoy it. Moaning in my ears is a turn on and a half for me....purrring back to you....
The Aftermath.....
If he jumps out of bed or where else on finishing, looks at his watch and runs....a F and loss my number.
This is as important as all of the above listed to complete the act.
Laying together, cuddling for a couple of moments before washing up or showering together, sharing a sigh and a smile just makes it whole..... If you take the time, that door is open for a return visit......
Saying any sex is good is not true at all.....being honest and being yourself, taking the time to do the mental play, being your best when you give yourself to another and showing appreciate afterwards will rate you a LOVER....

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11/18/2005 7:04 am

Kissing can be such a magnificent turn on involving touch, taste, smell, sound, and sight. I love kissing that is deep and passionate. I can literally drink and breathe you in. I might take your face gently in my hands or hold your waist and pull you to me while kissing you on the mouth. But there are lots of places on your body where kissing engenders tremendous sensual feelings. Your neck and ears, the inside of your arms, behind the knees, the small of your back are all sensitive areas that can kissed and licked to slowly raise your excitement. To assume that breast and genital stimulation is where foreplay starts is like assuming that dawn only begins when the sun is in the sky. Certainly, there are times when we are so aroused that we might forego the preliminaries but most raging fires begin with a little flame.
There are many different ways to engage in the actual act of penetration that can involve gentle or rough touches. There have been times when long, deep strokes have been accentuated with the feel of my lover's fingernails pushing into my skin. Other times I have entered from behind and at the same time massaged my lover's back. The possibilities for variety in mood, position, and touch during the act are unlimited. And variety is important. There is an element of sexual excitement that comes from avoiding routine.
I agree with you totally about how the aftermath has a great bearing on how I view the whole encounter. Cuddling and kissing after the act can be such a sweet and comforting time. Also, the cleanup can be a time for gently and lovingly attending to your lover. It's an opportunity to show that you care for and respect your lover as a whole person and not just someone who is there just to feed your need.

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Great post, dear Wicked, you are so wise and so true to heart. For their sakes I hope many read this. warm xx

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