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8/23/2005 12:36 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


unrestricted nakedness
erotic skin
my breasts slide along his legs
claws out
arching back
his body trembles under my finger nails
eyes closed
mouth open
his hands creep up my thigh
smooth wetness
lips spread
his sex plunges deeply into me
given up
sublimated body
ecstasy fusion
lust quivers in the deepest part of me....

rm_anacortes 74M
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8/24/2005 1:08 pm

Tantric feelings.. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

The connection.. the "foreplay".. the feeling like a Goddess.. the feeling like a Shiva.. a stud..a man.. a Yang...

It is all sacred when the sharing is sacred.. sacred is honest.. sacred is NOT using.. NOT objectifying anything.. the connection and honest sharing make for sacredness.. as the passion and energy increases.. so can the approach toward Nirvana.. the flight to astral planes.. the Skydancing..

Onward and upward.. to "sederunt" a term from Donald Kraig.. the sederunt is the peak reahed at this sacred moment.. it will be the point of MAXIMUM energy sharing and circulation/generation.. maximum feeling.. consciousness of connection with the cosmos.. connection with THE ALL...


oralivan 54M
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8/24/2005 8:15 pm

oralivan provides a lushish tongue, check it out

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