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4/19/2006 1:56 pm

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Shallow people seeking sex is the normal here....a quickie to satisfy the lust for the moment. No more than general information exchanged, the little chit chat before hand and sex without emotions....
You are goodness in the purest word. I did not see this until driving home, listening to you sing in the back ground carefully.... You are caring about others....you are compassion.
Laying in bed later, your words found my soul. There is no time frame, no set time to ease the pain...it was my release.....
I am better for taking that one chance and of what time was allowed for our togetherness....Thank you. I am a richer lady for it....~smiles~

Eyes locked over ravenous seas

and the whispered words of passion and need

hands explore writhing bodies

promising unadulterated pleasures

released contraits sets them free

open legs and exposed treasures

rigid heat slides between wet lips

resting in dewy folds and against her clit

his hips begin to pump and glide

tremulous fires ignites and they submit

arching and undulating, enjoying the ride

racing waves to surpass the eclipse

spent, heaving bodies fall side by side

ragged words expel utterances of worship

and a secret bonding too exciting and precious

that I hide.....

rm_spicensporty 49M

4/19/2006 3:14 pm

You've got alot going on. I'd like to know more....

nontoxicmale 64M

4/20/2006 7:51 am

Sometimes words and feelings and touching of souls is far greater intimacy then any physical act. Some say that intimacy comes with understanding. But I believe that it is in acceptance that we find real intimacy. We all have a need for self revelation but the fear of rejection keeps us from allowing that revelation to occur. When we can trust in the acceptance of another human being we can freely reveal ourselves and find peace. I celebrate your inner beauty and am greatful for the privelege of having been allowed a glimpse.

peaches19555 61M

4/20/2006 3:24 pm

Bravo, Bravo....let me not add any cluttered words but rather drink yours in and feel their perfection....how is it a trail of broken hearts does not lead to your doorstep

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