~~NAKED I AM.....~~  

rm_WickedFemale 62F
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2/5/2006 1:28 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

~~NAKED I AM.....~~

Naked, I am here, without fear
my body warm and bare in the darkness
under the stars, in the moonlight...
the waves at sea, ebb and flow around me
I feel the rush of hush this night
Life is calling to me
my ears do not deceive, this is right
as I lay naked in the cool grass
I hear the winds calling to me at last
morning sun shines down onto my brown skin
in nature, there is no sin...
naked am I this great day,
walking the lighted pathway
to infinity
I will come undone
where nakedness is welcomed...
naked I am, there is no shame
the seas, the winds calling my name
find me listening to the sweet sounds of peace
walking forward, taking steps
I am ready to leave
arms stretched to the heavens
I take my sights to the sky
embracing the wisdom of the ages
my soul is raised high
I see my life through stages
seven time seven and in nakedness
this soul is reborn......
I am ready!
this night, this day....right now
Naked I am here....without fear.....

Bainbridge35 74M

2/5/2006 8:23 pm

can I touch your breast too?

rm_art_persists 51M
1789 posts
2/5/2006 8:35 pm

clothed am I
hidden skin
revelations inward
soul's aspirations cloaked
dressed mortality
waiting for release
when all is shed
death will be reality

peaches19555 61M

2/5/2006 8:38 pm

is it the truth that has found you naked?

warmandsexy52 64M
13164 posts
2/8/2006 7:44 pm

for this my skin
that clothes my soul
in touching yours
strokes the thin veil
your sweet spirit
'tis the nearest
kindred beings
can be as one

warm xx

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