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1/31/2006 11:13 am

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The area where I live has had some very nice warm days for it to be winter time....sometimes getting up to the upper 60s. This past Monday was one of those wonderful sunny warm day. So with getting a little of premature spring fever and noticing that my skin needed some color, I headed to the lake after work to get some sun in the raw. The area is closed this time of the year and prefect for some nude sun bathing.
After a little stroll through the woods, I found a nice place to throw my blanket out, peeled out of my clothes, putting my head phones on to listen to a little jazz and settled down across the blanket. Oh my, how I love being out in the bluff....having the caress of the soft wind rake across my skin to feel the fine goose bumps rise and feeling the warmth of the sun kissing all of my body and face tenderly.
Dozing off a bit, I hear something in the bushes close to where I am. Out leaps a big buck! We are eyeball to eyeball for just a couple of seconds, neither of us knowing which way to run....A remarkable creature to look at. And in a dash, he disappears. His sudden appearance and the fright had my heart beating a mile a minute.
Giggling at the excitement, I lay back down with my head phones and go back to sunning. Enough excitement for one day or so I thought at that time.....
Laying with my eyes closed, Jean Micheal Jarre whispering in my ears, I feel the shadows over me and open my eyes.... There are two hunters standing right over me and surprised to find such a naked treat before them. A four legged deer was what they had hoped for, but to see a two legged nude female was out standing!
Not in the least concerned about being modest, I sit up and invite them to sit with me, which was not having to be asked twice to do. Their eyes travel the length of my body up and down and I allow them their pleasure. Both are in their mid 30s, tall and rather easy on my eyes. Small talk, for what do you really say to someone in my condition, boldly sitting naked in front of them....until I turn the conversation into talking about sex....and the reaction from both was very noticeable from the way the front of their pants seemed to rise to the suggestion.
Have you both ever had a threesome, I asked....They said once with one of the other's ex girlfriend when they were teenagers and I had to ask them their thought about it....which both did not hesitate to say "GREAT"!
It did not take them two seconds to strip down and get on that blanket with me.
Getting up on my knees and hands, one ate me as I gave the other sitting in front of me a blow job. Fingering my ass...hmmmmmmmm what a rush! between feeling one's hard cock deep down my throat as the other licked me deep and long. Both had a flag pole and a half, ready for some action.
Standing up, one lifts me with my legs around his waist, holding me in mid air as he slides his cock into me.....feeling him fill me fully and the other comes around from the rear and enters me up my ass. I did not know when one cum was ending before another hot flash of lust would just over take my body again and again. Being in between and loving every second of this raw sex!
Feeling the rear end man cum, shooting his load up my ass and then the front man filling my pussy with his juices.....our cum running down both of their legs as our bodies quiver with the power of cumming together....
As the sun began to set, three bodies laid together, naked but to the setting sun, trees and other wildlife.
I came to get some sun and in the end, got the sun and a lot of some......

~~And the journey continues~~

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2/1/2006 3:25 pm

Well done! I enjoyed the outdoor aspect and the sponteneity of the scenario, but...seems to me the hunters could have been a little more agressive. At least, coming across a sunbathing beauty in the woods, I would have been.
I am deffinitely keeping an eye on this one though...

NEsailor 69M

2/2/2006 9:59 am

What a wonderful way to save the life of that buck!
I think perhaps I should start hunting in your neighborhood

warmandsexy52 64M
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2/5/2006 2:57 am

I'm going out wooking for my wascal wicked!

warm xx

rm_anacortes 74M
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2/6/2006 7:11 am

I would like to be your "ass man" heheheheheh

Talk dirty gurl...


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