rm_WickedFemale 62F
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4/9/2006 5:27 am

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4/12/2006 11:21 am


His mind was reeling as the shadows did their dance
his body became his temple as she began the dance
the moment spent
the lust was gone
the dance was over and so his eyes cleared
from an electrical storm of bliss...
came the demon
and after the ecstasy
the demon left....

peaches19555 61M

4/9/2006 1:54 pm

but he is close...as a flicker in ones mind when thoughts are unfocused...stepping from the shadows unshy

I am so aware of you today.

nontoxicmale 64M

4/10/2006 7:39 am

The demon so easily disguised in the wonder, excitement, and inescapable flame of raw lust.

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