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The text message was from Him....Home in Atlanta, rain brings the beast out of Me...Come, My Sweet little One. An invitation I never ignore from Him, ever.....
A powerful Man in the business world and a Master within Our Lifestyle. He reeks of GQ in vanilla, expensive business suits from London, master degrees and only the best. He is deeply respected within Our community for His skills and talents. I blogged my first thoughts of Him when I met Him at a fetish club almost a year ago about wondering about His Touch. Since that blog, we have met often for His Pleasure, whether it has been for Me to be His Top or me to bottom for Him. Each time has been an experience that one could never fully express here in written words. Even at my best, I have truly short changed the reader of how wonderful and fulfilling it was.
Dressed in a black leather corset, black garter with fish net hose and spiked high heels with a leather trench coat over top, carrying my black leather toy bag, I enter His business.
The lush atmosphere through the lobby, to his secretary, announcing who I was and that I had an appointment for today. She informs me that my name was not on the day's schedule and I asked for her to please ring Him of my presence. Within minutes, I am showed His office door....
A knock on the door and I am allowed to enter....He is standing with his arms crossed over His chest in front of the wall of windows that over look Atlanta 20 floors below...blue eyes that shine at His approval on my timely answer to His text message. I lower my eyes and drop to the floor at His feet. Your request, M'Lord, I ask Him. I am Your Pleasure and awaits Your directions......
Show Me your dress today, Little One...as I shed my coat to His eyes. Very good and I am approved...
He walks to a bar area and within a touch of a button, the area turns within the wall to reveal another...one that has His Toys, whips, floggers, paddles and such....all neatly displayed.
With a hug for reassurance and a long deep kiss from those lips that I will find soon to be demanding from me, He bends me over His knee. With soft strokes in the beginning to warm my flesh to his further attentions, His hand pops my ass as He strokes my hair. "I see again that you have been naughty with those vanilla males again, he whispers, you know that they are lacking in your needs....." Yes, M'Lord, this is understood, but it is best to satisfy some needs at best...than not any at all. At such a remark, He applies nipple clamps and a good swift twist that brings tears quickly to my eyes....You belong to Our World, Dear one where We know the darkness of pleasures, where The Space is a climax next to Heaven...
He bends me over a leather sofa and takes me anally. Deeply and probing me with His cock, I cum quickly. Taking off his condom, I finish His release orally. A soft sigh as I taste the sweetness of His cum as He then lifts my lips to Him to share the taste.
Placing a chair in front of a large mirror in His office, I am made to strip down to my garter, hose and heels and be seated. Standing behind the chair, He takes a brush to my hair as he tells me to bring myself off for Him again as He watches the mirror reflections of my playing. Fingering myself, exposing myself to His eyes, I feel His hardness growing again against my back. I know that His greatest enjoyment has always been watching me play with my breasts and His pleasure is all that matters to me at this time, this place. Excited by this, he lays me down, places His cock between them and glides back and forth as I lick His cock head in a tease. He releases again a thick white stream of cum over my neck and face.
Contented , we lay with my head between His legs, Hom telling, due to business trips our being not so regular at play together but He will always get hard about me each and every rainy day.....

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Mmmmmm! So hot. So horny. So luring, wicked sweetie.

And so well told.

warm xx

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