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rm_Wet_n_Ju_C 48F
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1/9/2006 2:52 pm

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4/11/2006 5:17 pm

Sex, Love, Marriage, Relations

My hope is that my spouse will take notice of this little blog thing, and take heed.

My opinion is that if the married people on this web site would spend half as much time with their spouses as they do on this web site blogging, web camming, chatting, emailing, perhaps there would be a lot of saved marriages. Now, You probably have read something like this already. I've said it once, so I had to say it again.

Why do people put on their bio's that they have certain fettishes, then when confronted about it, neglect to want to discuss them?

Why do people on their bio's put that they want 2 women, one man, or two men one woman kind of kinky sex and never discuss this possiblility with their spouse? Do they not think that their spouse, too, has a certain amount of kinkiness about them?

The one's who are married and are on here and think that their spouses do not know they are on here, did you ever happen to think that your spouse is on here and you not know it?

These and many more are questions that run through my head when I see in the bio's married but looking for more.. what more could a person want? What is the "more" that a person is looking for? Looking for more attention, acceptance, ?? Sometimes, I just don't get it.

sorry if this little note/post is offensive or if it angers anyone, that's not my point. My point is to make folks think a little deeper than the G-Spot. There is a bit more to life than digging for someone elses G-Spot.

the thrill, the excitement of meeting someone new, the thrill that one got when going out on their first date, the anticipation of that first kiss, that first connection, that first hand holding..... That's just some Deep Thoughts...

Have a Great day ...

rm_Smile_My_Way 59M
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2/26/2006 1:49 pm

You are assuming that all females and males are good at sex. That cannot be any further from the truth. No matter how much time and effort I put into sex with my wife; the outcome would still be the same. She doesn’t like sex and sucks at it. I don’t mean my dick either. If you watch Dr. Phil you would know that there is a point where you have to stop wasting your time and move on. There is nothing wrong with having sex with other women; like society would like for us to believe. Having sex with multiple partners is Mother Nature. We all know we can’t fight Mother Nature.

rm_shaveclean2 56M/43F
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4/3/2006 10:36 am

My better 1/2 and I are very surprised at the number of Married Couples [B]"Playing Separately"!!!! We are even more surprised how many are Married and using a Website to cheat!!! We joined to play together!!! It's all very shocking.

g the female 1/2 of Shaveclean2


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