Smooth White Chocolate  

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9/16/2005 8:56 pm

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Smooth White Chocolate

Excerpt from my private writings..... oh to relive this moment again!

.....After breathing a sigh of pleasure I slowly ran my fingers across his head, planting slow kisses all over his face. Then slowly my lips touched his lips, just barely sending shivers of delight down his spine. He grabbed me trying to pull me on top of him and I pulled away, looking deeply into his eyes. So much passion in those eyes. I kissed his lips deeply before slowly kissing his neck. My fingers gently messaging his shoulders. I straddled him, but not too closely. I could feel his stiff erect penis against my leg. I took a deep breath before planting my face into his hairy chest. After all how long had I waited for this moment. Weeks seemed like years… I was going to savor every moment I could. After all I was in no hurry. I looked up and saw his smile, he was enjoying this. I slowly circled his left nipple with my tongue until it was erect and then applied just the right amount of pressure with the edge of my teeth, until I heard him moan, then I visited the right nipple doing the same. Kissing his stomach and pressing my face into his navel allowed me to capture the full scent of him. So intoxicating, I slowly worked around his penis with my lips, licking and sucking, enjoying the smooth feel of his skin under my tongue. His body was so beautiful in that moment as the moonlight shone into my window. Just barely touching the tip of his penus with my tongue, I was able to taste his manhood, oh so sweet. But not yet. Once I started there would only be one end. Planting my face on the side of his leg I allowed myself a deep breath of him as I licked his balls in an upward manner. Very gently, left and then right. Again a great spot for tasting and smelling. It was turning me on. He reached out and grabbed my as I took his full manhood into my mouth. Yes all of it. It was made for my mouth. Big and white. The taste, the feel, the sensations. In the beginning soft and wet, now tight, now the tongue. I slowed my technique allowing him to savor the moment. Looking into his eyes, noticing, remembering, understanding. Yes he wanted more, more, more, slowly, slowly, slowly, now speed up, speed up… He stopped me, didn’t know if it was ok… yes I thought, taking my cue from him. Give it too me baby, all of it, every drop…watching him reach his full potential was both loud and liberating for me. I knew that no matter what happened from this moment forward, that I would relive this moment again and again in my mind. What a sweet, sexy, loving, man this was. And we had only had foreplay. As I lifted my head to look into his eyes, we both smiled knowing we had a long and exciting night ahead of us. Never did I feel so free as in that moment.

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10/29/2005 1:06 am

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