soooooooooo horney!  

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4/2/2006 7:26 am

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4/14/2006 4:20 pm

soooooooooo horney!

who? well any one that is willing i guess. BUT MOSTLY FEMALES

what? for sex sex sex and more sex. nothing but sex.friends maybe friends w/ benifits even better. but has to be up for sex.

where? @ my area of course. willing to travel if u r but not over 2 hrs

when? dam a.s.a.p !!!

and finally why? well its a long story, but here it goes. my man and i were having problems in our relationship, not sex problems cuz the sex is great and always was. its like we r a puzzle in bed and we just fit together the right way and know how to turn eachother on. any way,, we were having issues and i figured give him what he wants. a threesome so i started looking for another girl and ever since things have been great he see that i am willing to do things to please him not just myself. but cum to find out his real fantasy is to see me get pleasured by another women. so i still say sure y not, but the real issue is finding a girl in our area. we need help! cuz we r so horney and want to have a great wild fun kinky over the top night w/ lots and lots of sex. r u interested?

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