For A Friend: ASFM  

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6/30/2005 5:11 am

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For A Friend: ASFM

Thinking back on what happen,
hiding my face in the pillow and crying.
The question always ponders me.
Dear God why me?
Feeling his hand on my shapeless body,
unaware of the damage it would cause me.
God why didn’t you tell him I was just a child.
But now I’m faced with nightmare horrors.
Dear God why me?
Thinking back on what happen while playing in the park.
Seeing a old man’s genial face, remembering his
wrinkled cold trembling hand under my skirt.
Miss Baby-sitter how could not notice me lying on the grass crying!
Dear God why me?
Thinking about how my mother would feel,
if she knew the truth about her daughter.
Seeing my father crumble if he knew why his angel was crying.
No longer telling myself it was my fault what happened.
But never the less I must go on crying,
Dear God why me?

By Seldom Scene

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