USA holiday "4th for july"  

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7/1/2006 6:41 pm

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USA holiday "4th for july"

to all who are to celebrate this holiday, wishing you the best of enjoyment, and acceptance to what this holiday represents..
far and beyond the political implications that many have and hold many diverse thoughts of..
We must be thankful for the greatness of Nation, the "Declaration Signers, Presented" and what is derived in orginal intent..
What we celebrate.. is, an act of "greatness that has a credo, to honor all mankind into the harmony of life".

Be safe... Be with your celebrations and, surely be with a spirit of what was orginally signed and framed.. which is much revered around the world for the justments .. the writer's intended.. in their Declaration of Independence..

America, The United States, has been and, will continue to be a safe haven for any and all who seek's refuge from persecutions, the pursuits of Liberity, and in the process of providing justice for all.. in a equality of measure.

for we are a nation of many diverse immigrants, that make us a Nation with such beauty in potential.. and seeks it's balance in a world of many tribulations of many sorts..
for nothing is perfect, and without the criminal minds within the world.. to all who can aspire to this credo.. .. we shall make this nation great, in and thru, the dignity of all peoples.. who regard it in such ways.

may you enjoy.

rm_WE008 41M

7/6/2006 7:11 am


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