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7/11/2006 4:07 am

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7/20/2006 3:03 pm


No, I haven't found any new inspiration, I just thought I'd give those of you who are still coming to Stained Sheets an update of what I been up to.

Yes, the car is a Volvo - a Volvo wagon. That's it in this post's pic. Saab was among the makers I was considering, and I did place a bid on a couple different Saab 900s. I also considered Mercedes - the 300 series wagon - but MB hasn't exported a wagon with a standard tranny since the early 80s, and it had to be a standard. My last car had an automatic; it was the first automatic I ever owned. I had no real problem with it, but I always felt like I should be contributing more from behind the wheel. Of course there's better control with a stick, and it's more fun for spirited driving.

And yep, it was one of Blogville's councilwomen I met on my drive back - The High Priestess of Orchids. A lovely and intriguing woman who's perception of things, people, relationships, runs far deeper than I could even know. She also makes some kick-ass veggies and taught me the secret to sweeter tasting cooked tomatos.

So I got my 20 yr reunion this weekend. T & I are blowing off Friday's events and chartering a fishing boat mostly because we both love fishing, but also partly because, yes... we are a bit too cool to spend Friday in a cheap tavern drinking draught Budweiser. Fucking losers.

Oh! I learned how to and changed my first diaper last week. I figured it wasn't fair that I got to hold the Bug and play with him but never share in the responsibilities of basic baby maintainance. Wasn't so bad.

I'll post next week to let y'all know how the reunion went, how fast we got the Ferrari up to, and how many tickets we got.

ShyWhisper2006 53F
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7/11/2006 5:03 am

*smiles* diaper changing is one of the most interesting activities of being a parent...*giggles*

PrincessKarma 43F
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7/11/2006 7:28 am

Been there, done that, including the Diaper from Hell thing. One of the perks of being Big Sis at seven is you don't mind it as much because it's so fascinatingly gross.

Nice choice of car. Nice choice of drinking venue, too. Just make sure you have life jackets on in case you go where more than one man has gone before.

Good to see you again *HUG*

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

rm_AnOddGirl 57F
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7/11/2006 10:10 am

Excellent in all respects!!!

cuteNEway 41F

7/11/2006 10:28 am

Thank GOD my twins are outta diapers! I have no idea how many diapers I've changed with them!

Nice car tho...now you're ready for kids of your own!

tee hee

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7/13/2006 2:00 pm


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7/14/2006 6:18 pm

If we don't hear from you, should we be bailing you out of anti-Ferrari jail from somewhere?

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

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