Satan, Lucifer, Old Nick, Belial, Beelzebubba...  

rm_VoodooGuru1 49M
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4/9/2006 10:56 pm

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4/15/2006 9:28 pm

Satan, Lucifer, Old Nick, Belial, Beelzebubba...

Just finished watching Constantine; wasn't as bad as the critics led me to believe, although Keanu Reeves' acting was as wooden as ever.

Peter Stormare put in a wonderfully manic portrayal of Lucifer - just brilliant. (You probably know Stormare from the current "Vee-Dub" commercials for the new GTI.)

His interpretation of Satan got me thinking of other actors' portrayals of The Deh-Vill. Usually Hollywood turns the tired assumption of an outwardly evil and monstrous Adversary upside down and gives us an attractive, smooth, fashionable and cool portrayal. But this has been done so much that it's getting a bit frayed and tired itself; this is probably why Stormare's giddy, greedy, and angry Son of Perdition was so delightful.

It's a fairly common role; more common than you probably realize, and has been played by some of our greatest actors. Off the top of my head, actors who have played Satan include: Jack Nicholson, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Harvey Keitel, Peter Cook, David Bowie, Viggo Mortensen, George Burns, Elizabeth Hurley... Ned Flanders.

Who would you cast as Satan in your supernatural thriller?

rm_1hotwahine 62F
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4/10/2006 1:13 am

oh man, I'd definitely ask Al to do an encore performance.

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

rm_VoodooGuru1 replies on 4/10/2006 10:35 am:
Ehhh... Pacino's last great performance was Scarface. Seriously, Scent of a Woman was Oscar-worthy?


cuteNEway 41F

4/10/2006 5:30 am

I would Love to see Woody Allen play the devil..."Ah...I'm taking your soul now...if if if that that's O O O K w w with you?"

LMAO with his usual garb and a really cheap devil horns headband LMAO

rm_VoodooGuru1 replies on 4/10/2006 10:41 am:

"What... am I, am I supposed to feel guilty about this? I-I-I'm Satan! I mean this is my JOB! I-I-I didn't make you cheat on your wife with your adopted door-ter... you did that!"

That reminds me, ya know who I forgot? LOVITZ! John Lovitz's Satan on SNL... like a MF!

rm_Ellenback 58F
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4/10/2006 6:10 am

My Ex?...nah, he's just not that powerful...

Oh man, between Jack Nicholson and Al Pacino I'd have trouble picking a favorite on that list, but Elizabeth Hurley? Why am I not seeing that? LOL "I'll be right back to steal your soul, I just need to refresh my Elizabeth Arden lipstick and talk to Hugh!"


rm_VoodooGuru1 replies on 4/10/2006 10:44 am:
The actors I listed all played Satan, including Ms. Hurley. She had her turn in the remake of Bedazzled.

I think my fav was Bowie's Satan in The Little Prince.

rm_rsp54 58F
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4/10/2006 7:45 am

Having Christian roots..this issue sometimes weirds me out. My devil dreams have always been the most terrifying.My second grade nun was this miserably nasty old German who always told us that "An Idle mind is the devil's workshop." I used sit in class spacing out thinking of little elves with fangs and pointed ears making the ugly black shoes that the nuns wore. Since I had never seen these particular type of shoes in stores, the idea was plausible in my seven year old mind.

But to the question...hmmmm....Yaphet Kotto, Rip Torn, Johnny Depp. I'm still pondering the female possibilities.

rm_VoodooGuru1 49M
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4/10/2006 10:53 am

Fanged elves? I'm sorry hon.

Johnny Depp? Good choice... can ya name a role he wouldn't be great in? He's been in his share of bad movies, but has he ever put in a bad performance?

rm_1hotwahine 62F
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4/10/2006 1:04 pm

Oh come on! As Lucifer? He was SO much fun. Take off your "I hate the mainstream" hat for a minute - The Devil's Advocate was a fun movie in general and Pacino was great.

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

rm_VoodooGuru1 replies on 4/10/2006 3:37 pm:
Sorry, Sweetits... the more "work" Pacino has done, the worse he gets. You may have a point with your hat comment - sometimes, but not in this case.

De Niro is still great, in spite of some of the movies he's agreed to do. Bruce Willis is mainstream, yeah? Nevertheless, I like him. But Pacino?

He's played the same damn over-the-top character in each of the films he's done over the last ten years... and that character ain't very interesting. That football movie he did? Billy Zane has had better performances!

No; I hate him, I hate Billy Crystal, I hate Robin Williams, and I hate Buttfuck Barbara Streisand!

rm_1hotwahine 62F
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4/10/2006 8:40 pm

Hey, Bubble Boy...

OK, I'd be happy to hate Steisand with you. Robin Williams became the King of Maudlin somewhere in the 2nd season of Mork and Mindy, and Billy Crystal was born a generation too late for the Borscht Belt.

No, Scent of a Woman was fun but not a 'performance.'

BUT HE WAS GREAT in DEVIL's ADVOCATE. GREAT. It may have been the same role he'd done in the last five movies, but it was MEANT for that one.

And don't argue with your elders. Othewise I might have to punish you.

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

rm_VoodooGuru1 replies on 4/15/2006 6:53 am:
Not too concerned, Wahine, since your punishment is likely to be my pleasure

rm_rsp54 58F
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4/12/2006 5:10 am

I mentioned this question to my lover, his comment was:" Johnny Depp, for sure. How ever he did it, male or female, it would be wonderful and intense."

rm_VoodooGuru1 replies on 4/15/2006 6:56 am:
You ever see the Headless Horseman's tree out there in them woods where you do the sex-sex?

ArtisticTwist75 41F
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4/13/2006 3:53 pm

I would personally cast an actor like Jeff Bridges in the role of Satan. I don't think he would make cliche' choices in the role and I do believe that he is talented enough to pull off the challenge yet gentle enough to appear enticing. In my opinion Satan has to have both evil and attractive qualities.

Good Question


By the way - Peter Stormare put in a wonderfully manic portrayal of Lucifer - just brilliant. - Agreed

rm_VoodooGuru1 replies on 4/15/2006 7:00 am:
I'm glad I just reread your comment, AT-AT. For some reason I was thinking Jeff Daniels the first time I read it and was about to make a comment about Jim Carrey playing God.

rm_1hotwahine 62F
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4/15/2006 7:06 pm

Cool. Then the punishment is a "go"?

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

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