Lookin down barrel of a gun, sonuvabitch, gettin pd, gettin rich!  

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Lookin down barrel of a gun, sonuvabitch, gettin pd, gettin rich!

The following script in purple is a comment MissAnnThrope wrote in my previous post, Kill Me Deadly.

My response to her in-depth and complex comment ended up to be just as long and complex. I thought it more appropriate to concatenate both opinions as a separate posting. My comments are green.

I sort of see what you're saying, but it can be a dangerous idea. I mean, look at Richard Jewell. His life is still a living hell, even though it was Alan Rudolph who bombed the Atlanta Olympics. Rudolph has been tried and convicted and Jewell still gets people who think he did it.

Then let's look at how many people have been freed on DNA evidence, when the victim or eyewitnesses have made a positive identification. There was a case down where I used to live. Some guy was accused of . The DNA said he didn't do it, right away. However, Nicholas Bissell, the then county prosecutor, who made national headlines a few years later when he committed suicide in a motel room in Vegas said, he didn't care what DNA said, this guy was the , he was going to jail. Well, while this guy sat in lock-up, another attack took place. Same DNA as the first. When they caught the actual , he was a doppleganger for the guy who had been arrested.

Before you deliver any vigilante justice, you have to be damned sure of the identification and make sure you have the right person. Now, that's easy in cases where you know the attacker, murderer, , etc. Not so easy when it's a total stranger and the DNA match has to be made. There are people who are attacked who will think everyone they see is their attacker.

That said, if the cops find you with a trunkful of bodies, well, unless they're cheerleaders (Who would miss them anyway?), the cops should just give him a double tap in the head and say they were in danger. But generally, with vigilante justice, you get mob mentality and that is never safe.


I'm not advocating vigilante justice, though my Bronson-style comment certainly gives that impression. I'm just saying humans are flawed creatures and government can and should transcend passion.

Cops busting caps in baddies' asses? The idea appeals to me, but then I shudder to think of a nation of cops with licenses to kill - Bond-style. I don't want cops getting comfortable with killing, and I don't want any cop with a soul to suffer the depression or anguish that comes from killing.

My dad was a cop - more like super-cop, he did so many things. I'll probably write about him sometime. But after his death, so many stories were told of the things he did, things he saw, brushes with death... he'd told me lots of things he'd done, but only funny ones, or cautionary tales like the time he responded to an accident and found a 18 year old boy trapped in the wreckage. The engine was on the boy's chest and was burning him, the boy kept screaming about the pain, and asking my pops to shoot him... all he could do is hold the boy's hand until he died.

My point is that pops dealt with so many horrible things, pedophiles (he really had a thing for them - he also didn't care for guys that hit women either), Island women forced into sexual slavery. Him - floating, unconscious and bleeding from nose, mouth, and ears, to the surface of the Niagara River (just below the Falls - he was head of his "department's" SCUBA recovery team). And he never told me, my brothers, nor my moms, about any of these awful things. He dealt with them well, he was a compassionate man, a loving father and was completely active in our lives... and I don't know if that would have been possible if he had ever killed a man (oh, he'd been shot at, but he still took that guy alive).

I won't argue that some men need killing. Some women too, did you know that Karla Homolka, Barbie of the Barbie & Ken Serial Killers, was released from prison already? If you don't know about them, google it - some really sick shit.

But, would anyone want a father who had killed?

Oh, and by the way, MissAnnThrope, I'm glad you made an exclusion for cheerleaders, and glad you reminded me... it's not good for my rear springs to be supporting so much weight for more than a couple days. Gotta get that dead weight out.

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Oh my god that poor boy and your dad having to see that. He didnt take it to a dark place, I might have it would have been hard not to. That Karla whatever is a unrepentant bitch.

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10/6/2005 9:29 pm

It wasn't just the Bronson style comment. It was also the Walken style comment. And the post in general. It did sound like you were calling for mob rule.

Now, cops with a license to kill and maim would be more Dim and George style than James Bond style. It was one of Anthony Burgess's concerns when he wrote the book. Labour took power, he thought that was the fate of the nation under Labour.

There was a case in the late 70s or early 80s on Long Island. I can't remember who the guy was, or what he had done, other than it was heinous and really pissed off people. I do remember something about him being dressed as a woman. I can't remember if that's how he dressed to escape into Canada, or if they had him disguised in the car. However, as they were transporting him on the LIE, one of the cops shot him. The cops in the car said he attacked them, it was self defense. A woman in the car behind said it was vigilante justice, she could see everything. That it was an assasination. She shut up fast, though. Not much more was heard about it. I've been trying to find something on Google from the sketchy details I remember, but so far, nothing.

I've heard of Karla Homolka and she is one sick fuck. You know she's going to kill again. I can't even imagine that level of sadism. And your own sister? Sick.

But some people do deserve to be taken out and shot like rabid dogs. However, the ones that truly deserve it are so high profile, there would be a massive investigation. The media would call for it, as they need the lurid details of the Ed Geins, Ted Bundys and Jeffrey Dahmers of the world.

Now, what Island were these girls from, who were forced into slavery and then tossed in the river?

Would anyone want a father killed? Look at the Menendez boys. But I don't think you meant in that way.

I'm guessing your father discouraged you and your siblings from becoming cops. Most won't share the most lurid details of their jobs outside the people they work with, unless they're in therapy, or really trying to shock people. It does take a special kind of mentality to be able to deal with things like that.

Now about those teenagers, it isn't just the weight on the springs. The weather isn't cool enough yet for you to not have to worry about the smell. Trust me, it doesn't matter if they are in plastic. That smell never comes out.

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