Dreaming of Justice  

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9/4/2005 6:39 am

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Dreaming of Justice

Had a series of non-linear but connected dreams last night:

- HSGF; my car broke down by her old place and I walked there to see if I could use her bathroom to brush my teeth, her mom wouldn’t let me.

- I spent some time in the hotel room where the character Rainn Wilson plays on “Entourage” was staying, mostly watching him play video games.

- Finally, I was some sort of administrator in Iraq. I flew there from Iceland on a C-130 loaded with Humvees, the straps holding them down broke and I had to spend the rest of the flight dodging the trucks as they bounced all around the cargo hold. I went to take a statement from Saddam, and quickly found that the new Iraqi government had reinstalled him to power. He issued a warrant for my arrest and I bolted. I tried to get a message through to US military and government officials but no one was around; when I finally did reach someone, he told me he knew and that as a matter of fact, the US was recognizing his legitimacy, and the warrant was legal, and I was fucked.

- I escaped to Kurdish Turkey, I believe, and a couple friends and I got into a fight with some locals who had chains. Dream met reality here, because one of the friends, who had half his face & head removed by a chain, was a good friend from college. In reality, he got into a fight with some townies (or IBs if any of you are fellow alums) one night and was severely beaten; he still has a metal plate in his head from that one.

That’s all I recall.

Well, stay tuned, perplexed reader; in a week or so I’ll be posting that special tell-all double issue that may partially explain these phantasmic episodes of psychosis.

(Probably being a bit too glib here, but these are my stories; if I have to tell ‘em like this, this is the way they’ll be told.)

On an unrelated matter, rest in peace Chief Justice Bill Rehnquist. I rarely agreed with your decisions and opinions, but they were well reasoned and based on what you thought was right and good. You were a man of principles, few of your decisions were political. I can’t say any of this for a couple other Justices.

But the yellow stripes? Dude!

Today's soundtrack: Wendy James, AC/DC

rm_VoodooGuru1 49M
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9/7/2005 10:08 pm

I dream in color, I dream in sound. My dreams usually aren't a good thing; I have memories that I later realize were dreams, and other memories that I'm not sure about.

I have at least one dream a week of my high school GF - and that's just wrong.

Sometimes, though, I have dreams of people I loved who died; they're rare but they're nice.

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