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8/6/2005 8:37 am

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Let’s talk a bit about condoms, shall we? Most of us consider a condom much like a car battery... can’t get too excited about it, but ya ain’t getting anywhere without one.

Then again, with all the styles and features available today, aren’t there any that we could get a bit excited about?

I used to have a favorite I swore by - Mentor. I loved this brand, but like Elaine’s sponge, they took it off the market. The main draw of this condom was that it had adhesive at the base, so it stayed on your jimmy until you wanted to take it off. This allowed you to stay inside your partner for a minute or two and enjoy a tender moment in the afterglow, and not have to worry about slippage.

It was slightly more complicated and pricier than your average Trojan, and it wouldn’t fit inside your wallet. It came with what they called an applicator, which was a thick rubber sleeve with which you would use to roll the condom on, and then slide off. This applicator increased the height of the condom to about ½ an inch, so it was packaged inside a pouch.

Then there’s the “ribbed for her pleasure” category of condoms which includes pleasure bumps, French ticklers, and the new inspiral, or twisted condoms. Now, being the type of guy who’s all about her pleasure, I’ve experimented with and used all of these; but I don’t anymore. Why? Because I’ve never had a partner tell me that they were that much better than the regular kind, and believe me, I’ve asked. The best critique any woman I’ve known has given these was something like, “It was fun, ‘cause it made you feel a little bit different.”

Finally, there’s my favorite of all the condoms available today... the Reality, or female condom. (Yay!)
This is a sort of polyurethane tube with one end sealed off that slides inside the woman. For me, sex with a female condom is almost as good as using nothing at all. For the women I’ve used one with, the comments have ranged from neutral, “I could only feel the condom a little bit, and it didn’t make sex any less enjoyable,” to enthusiastic, “OMG that was fucking fantastic! The rubber ring on the outside kept grabbing and rubbing against my clit!”

There’s another side benefit to the female condom that a partner and I discovered together. She enjoyed anal sex... a lot! But as you know, because of bacteria, once you place something inside the anus, like a penis, it can’t come near the vagina until it has been washed thoroughly. Well, we came to the realization that since the female condom protected the vagina from anything inside the condom, something could go directly from her ass to her pussy... and back again! She really, really enjoyed our playtime together once we started doing this... and of course, so did I. I was able to go back and forth between her pussy and ass at will; a couple times we got into a rhythm of one anal stroke followed by one vaginal stroke... it was amazing!

Of course the male in this situation would need to wear a traditional condom as well for it to be safe sex.

So, constant reader... what are your thoughts? Do any of you find a significant difference with the “ribbed for her pleasure” type of condom? Do you have a favorite condom?

rm_qcao1 48F
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8/6/2005 4:29 pm

I have tried all kinds of condoms as well.
I did not see any difference between "ribbed for her pleasure" and regular condoms either.

I can also say there are condoms out there that break easily; usually they are the ones that offer something new, with fancy names.

One of those is called "Kimono" MicroThin with Aqua Lube, the worst condom ever I used... breaks very easily, cannot handle slight friction even when you use lubricant, do not try to use it with anal, cannot handle anal sex at all. It also claims to be MicroThin, no difference in sensation between Trojan and this one, the only difference is, this one breaks easily.

I stick with my well-tested and reliable Trojan, never had any incident with this brand, can handle any kind of sex.

steenamarie25 40F

8/8/2005 10:47 am

I'm allergic to latex, so the only condoms I've ever used are the Poly Trogan Supra condoms. The lambskin aren't save for STD protection, so I've never tried them. They prevent pregnancy but thats about all they are good for, according to the warnings. So my options are few and far between

rm_VoodooGuru1 49M
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8/14/2005 2:03 am

gcao1 - thanks for the tip. I read an article once that said that unlike most other manufactured goods, American made condoms are far superior to foreign made condoms, esp. condoms made in Asia.

steenamarie25 - from my own pleasure perspective, other than the female condom, the polyurethane condoms are the best, so your latex allergy shouldn't be a problem for your partner.

Interesting that you brought up lambskin; I'd almost forgotten about them. I used to use them years ago, before we knew that they weren't good for HIV protection. From a pleasure standpoint, they were much better than latex, but it's been so long I don't know how they'd compare to poly.

The lambskin also used to come in these little blue capsules as an option - I don't know if they still do. You would crack the plastic capsule open, then slide the unrolled condom onto the penis.

Vevixen 50F
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2/14/2006 4:15 pm

To be honnest...the female condom felt like I was a grocery bag being fucked...My favorite kind of condom? the no condom...

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