I'll wait for you  

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7/19/2005 8:15 pm

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I'll wait for you

Title: "I'll wait for you"

Laying in my bed all alone and waiting,
I keep thinking of last night and the
sweet dreams that I had.

All of the places we went and the things
we done together, god if only we could
meet one another...

At night I pray and wish on every star,
that I can dream of you again and not
be so far.

What was the one last week; I remember now
it was us in a small boat floating around
on some creek.

Having you that close to me and able to
see your smile, what I wouldn't give for
you to be right here with me for a while.

Everything about you makes me get those
emotions, the ones where you can feel
someone's soul flow through you like the

Why must you be a dream to me and my prayers
not come true, what have I done to deserve
such a nightmare but yet such a serene dream
of you?

God please listen to my heaving words,
all I want in my life is just to be with
her as we sit and listen to the small birds.

I know there's a such thing as un-answered
prayers; sometimes they're for the best but
if you're listening to me then help me rest.

I need to see her face one more time before
it's all a fade, her loving eyes and gentle
smile is all I need to be brave.

If I need to change my ways and start anew,
lord please tell her in a dream that I'll be
waiting for you.

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