Bear Poetry  

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7/16/2005 3:51 pm

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Bear Poetry

Title: "Behind closed eyes"

My eyes blurred and skin warm, I stand up and shake my head to clear my thoughts.

My feet emersed in soft white sand, and the cool breeze off of the sea caressing my skin soothing the morning hangover.

I look around and see all of my friends gone, I'm all alone. And then I glance at the ground beside me and see her.

Gently sleeping away the morning, I didn't want to disturb her but she awoke anyway.

She smiled at me and something inside of me seemed to explode as I clearly saw her face. An angel in disguise was with me last night.

Her smiles clearly brightened up the day with every second they lasted, the lucious curves of her body had me thinking thoughts of long forgotten ecstacy.

She spoke to me in the softest voice, the one where she could beckon of anything and you would jump to her every command without concern.

I layed back down beside her and put my hand in hers, she moved closer to me as we held eachother
as if the next minute would never come...

She began to kiss me softly of the neck, inching up to my lips as she caressed my face with her hand. I almost began to cry, this woman was the most beautiful thing my eyes had been blessed to see.

I mustered what strength I had left from being intoxicated and moved my body on top of hers, I began to kiss her neck and chest and run my tongue across her body.

As she moaned slightly at every contact with her body I moaned also as her cries of lust made me want more and more...

I untied her bikini and let my chaffed hands run across her breasts as I ran my tongue over every inch of them and then proceeded down her stomach with my face.

As she squirmed slightly with every moan murmured; I then became aroused and then realised I had no clothes on to begin with... She grinned and chuckled a bit at my expression of being unclothed.

Running my fingers along her inner thigh and becoming impatient I hastely removed her panties and let my fingers slide through her clit and massage it gently.

Finally I thought to myself, as I smiled and began to kneel my face into her thighs... And then everything went blurry again, the picture's fadeing?

And now I wake up, only to realise that it all was just a dream, a fantasy... Oh what sinful passions can happen behind closed eyes...

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