Astarte Approaches  

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Astarte Approaches

"Astarte Approaches"

She felt her approach before she saw her. At her desk, typing and filing, it was mid afternoon, and her boss was mad. Mirriam looked up and there was a goddess there. Over six feet tall, skin like honey in moonlight, she had never seen such skin. she wanted to reach out and touch it, caress it, taste it. Such powerful feelings one can have with just a glance. And her hair, luxuriant and cascading all the way down to her ass, a thick silky mane of darkest black trapped in a silver netting with diamonds that shone like the stars on a pitch black night. Mirri wanted to touch that too, to run her fingers in it. And that wasn't all.
For the briefest of seconds, she was lost in a fantasy.
She saw this woman, this beautiful goddess, she was laying down, it was a warm summer day. She was beautiful, beyond beautiful. She was the most gorgeous woman Mirri had ever seen. In her dream, Mirri began caressing the woman's leg as she sat down next to her, running her hands across the beautiful skin, and electric charge shot up her lips as she ran kisses up the woman's thigh, her legs parting to let Mirri get closer and closer. Mirri could smell her sex now, and she was filled with a desire she had never known. She had never been with a woman, had never wanted to until now, but now she had to have it, had to taste it, had to know her secret places, to cause her lover to cry out in pleasure, to scream Mirriam's name to the sky and the stars and the earth.
As her mouth touched the woman's now parted lips, Mirri raked her tongue slowly up, the heavenly scent of sex filling her nostrils, she breathed deep, filled with desire and longing for more. Her first taste of the woman was not enough. More, she needed more. She plunged her tongue deep, and deeper still, she felt the woman squirm, and heard an sharp intake of breath as Mirri's tongue worked its way deeper and deeper. Her face coated with the juices of her lover, Mirri felt the woman's hand on the back of her neck, guiding her, urging her onward and inward and deeper.
Mirriam came to her senses as the woman tried to pass her desk and open the office behind her. she had never had many daydreams at work before, preferring to loose herself in the job, focusing on her work, getting it done. Even when an attractive man came by she just didn't think about it, didn't think about her coworkers in that way. Don't mix business and pleasure, and her sex life at home was good, she had a live in boyfriend, and they were in love. They were in love, and had reached the point where it was no longer about the sex. She was planning to marry him and settle down after all!
Mirriam, emerging from the haze of her daydream, realized something. Her pussy was throbbing, and it was wet. She felt her juices running down the crack and on to the seat she was siting on, forming, not quite a pool but a slick that ran under her legs and down her ass. She had never been so wet. The air on her pussy did nothing to quench the fire she felt down there, the hot wetness. Her fingers helped, just a little, but she knew she needed more than that now, she needed to feel filled up, fulfilled, sated.
That was when she realized her panties were on the floor beside her. She had taken them off and was rubbing her index finger up and down. Tracing her lips, feeling the fire follow her finger up and down and around. She slid it inside just a little, teasing herself, resisting the urge to plunge in and ride her fingers to climax, rubbing her clit as she screamed like she did in her bedroom, alone.
Her legs were parted, and her pussy bare, and this strange woman, this goddess in a long silken black dress, sexy, far too sexy for the day time, this woman that she now wanted more than anything else, had filled her with a desire she had never known.
She wanted sex. She wanted sex with a woman. She wanted sex with this woman before her, and she wanted it now.
The goddess of her desire and longing and sex and love looked down at her as Mirriam swiveled her chair to follow her passing, and smiled. She looked down and Mirri's hand, now furiously rubbing her pussy, and Mirri parted her legs. For her, she knew, Mirri knew it was all for her as she slid two fingers in and a deep, resonant moan filled her body and escaped her. Looking. She was looking at her. Her love, her desire was watching her masturbate and smiling at the sight. She began to work the fingers inside her, twisting them around, in and out, in and out, slightly faster, slightly deeper. All the while wishing it was her fingers, inside her, sending small sparks of pure sex and joy through her body. all the while she wanted her to keep looking, keep watching, keep smiling, to enjoy the show Mirri was putting on. For Her. it was all for Her.
Mirri was very close now, she could feel it welling up inside her, her fingers ramming, cramming now 3, now 4 stretching her lips as far as they had ever been, her juices running down her legs, her pussy making a slurping sound as she thrust her hips forward to meet her fingers again and again. she was having trouble staying on the chair, it was moving so much, as she humped her fingers for the goddess. She bit her lip, she was moaning loudly now, louder than she had ever done before when pleasing herself. She brought her left hand over, and parted her fold, and touched her clit. She had been saving it, and now as her lover, her goddess watched the show, she brought herself over the edge. She screamed. She Came.
At first it was a wordless scream, her body shaking with pleasure, her lips clamping down in wave after wave of pure pleasure. It had never felt like this, never been this good. Oh goddess, yes its for you, because of you, the words formed in her mind and then she was screaming them out into the room. "All for you" and the it was "Take me, oh please please please take me." as she fell to the floor and writhed in pleasure, her pussy spasming on her fingers again and again and again.
Her orgasm seemed like it lasted forever, but when it was done, when she got a moment of clarity and looked up at her goddess, who was still smiling at her, she realized that she was half naked, and lying on the floor of her office in front of a client, her co workers and the world. Fingers still in her pussy, legs spread so there could be no doubt what she had done, as if the screaming wasnt clue enough. She was dazed, and happy as the woman looked down at her, gazed upon her body and her sex and her fingers so deep. The woman was still smiling, and Mirri wanted her even more than before, if that were possible.
A vague feeling of loss and shame and desire for more washed over her as she pulled her slick fingers out from between her legs with a slick wet pop. it had felt so good though, and now everyone knew. Everyone knew she wanted a woman in her bed, and though she still wanted a man beside her at night, inside her, now more than ever, she knew it was only a matter of time until she had to have it, to taste it, and to be tasted. By a woman.
A swish and a swirl of hair, and the woman was turning away, back towards the door, towards her boss. Away from her. It was like a cloud going over the moon, over the sun. All warmth left her body, and she was shivering in her slick, wet nakedness. She struggled to her feet, to follow her, to stop her. she had to.
"Can . .can I help you?" she forced herself to ask. "please?" Mirriam's voice was thick and throaty, she had just been screaming after all, and she found herself now consumed with desire to stop this woman from opening the doors, from seeing her boss who would take her away. Once he had her, she thought to herself, there was no chance of them being together. she had to stop her, had to have her, had to.
She stepped in front of the goddess, blocking her path, blocking her escape, through the doors, to him.
The goddess spoke.
A voice, thick and husky and yet like the song of a thousand birds all at once, the essence of desire. Waves of passion rose up from inside Mirriam, and she felt a trickle run down the inside of her leg. she was wet again, sopping wet, soaked. she felt her pussy grow hot again with desire. It took every ounce of will she had to deny her self, to not fall to the ground a finger herself and scream and cum and cum and cum. She knew she would, she knew it would be better than before, she would cum harder and longer, maybe forever.
"I have need of your lord," the woman said, sending tingles of jelousy and longing in an arc from the lips of Mirriam's pussy to the top of her head. "I will have him, we have business. You need not fear nor feel shame, I have marked you, you are mine now. We shall meet again, when you are ready. Go, Mirriam, and do my desire unto the world." She leaned in, and kissed her, on the lips, parting them wiht her tongue. Deep and passionate, the goddess was kissing her. She was marked now, and then she could resist no longer.
Mirriam Came. A thousand orgasms all at once, she stepped, staggered fell aside to the floor as her mistress opened the door and entered. The pleasure she knew was unimaginable. She was screaming and moaning to the heavens, to her goddess, to her mistress, to lust and to fury and to desire, sweet desire, she was ever its servant now, she knew.

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