Vanessa And The Field Of Dreams  

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Vanessa And The Field Of Dreams

Vanessa and the Field of Dreams

The Knight sat astride his horse, he had rode many miles to this spot upon the hill, his armour caked with the dust of the journey and his back ached from the rigours of the ride. The horse was weary and in need of water. The knight lifted his visor, wiped his eyes and cast his vision forward and into the distance. Still so far away he could see his missions end, and in that shimmering heat and in that distance stood the Tower - The Tower that held a Princess, and as in all stories such as this, where the truth prevails and the false rule briefly, Princess’s need to be rescued. He had come for her, spurred on by the dream, the stories and the hope of claiming the ultimate prize. In his mind there was no greater prize than a woman to fight for, to save, and to be a Champion for. The perils and the hardship of the long trek now seemed worth it.

The horse, his stalwart companion was all but exhausted and braced himself with a further breath and a blow from his nostrils when the command, given by the touch of his master, moved him on. The kindness, devotion and tenderness of all those years in his service forgotten and taken over by the will to complete the fantasy. Galloping through the open ground the Tower began to draw nearer, both horse and rider transfixed by its magnificence. The danger was lost, the danger was ignored, and the danger fell upon both. The moving ground before the tower took both by surprise, the sand, which looked so still in the brightness of the sun, now sealed their fate. The horse disappeared first and without a sound, he had lost his will, the reason for his devotion taken from him by something he didn’t understand and he resigned himself to the final peace. The knight fought hard to maintain his breath but the armour worn to protect ironically brought him to his death. The quest held no promise, no saviour, no remorse. The knight punctured the air with one last cry and was gone forever. The Land was still, the air was fresh and the sighs of the crying humanity gathered themselves silently upon the earth bringing to their bosom another wretched soul - whose heart was good ‒ whose motives were honourable - whose wisdom was flawed. The world shows little regard or mercy for those that are blind to the reality of what really is however much we strive to see it in a better light.

She looked out upon the field to see the butterflies going about their brief lives. Not as abundant as before, each year the numbers fell. But those that flew in the field created a beautiful dance that made the Princesses heart lighten, her eyes sparkle and her lovely smile return. From the top window of the Tower she could see all around, the field that she longed so much to be released to. Below the tower she glanced at the small encampment and at the people who called out to her once she appeared. “How are you this morning Princess”, came a shout from a soldier who had left his home in an attempt to merely catch her attention, and then a knight, old and weary from past encounters raised his sword high, “Let me be your Champion” he cried. Princess Vanessa smiled at them all and bade them not to stay but return to their homelands, before retreating from the window and moving back inside. The men below shrugged and returned to their daily business and to make ready for any favour that the Princess would bestow upon them. Her master stood before her, ready for his days work. “Be sure you let no one enter, for you are my Princess as you have always been, those fools may call and offer you much, but it is I that love you and no other”. “I do love you,” she said looking up at him. “Please stay and join me in the field once again, like the times we used to go and laugh and love and hold each other till the dawn light. Please stay with me, and it can be as it was again both of us together in harmony?” “I cannot, there is much to do, I will be back later, now put this nonsense out of your head”. She watched him ride away below not casting a look behind as he had done many times and many years before, and in those times she remembered it was even hard for him to turn his horse to go, still waving as his body slowly melted into the distance…those times it seemed had disappeared forever. She looked once more into the field of dreams before gliding back into the depths of the tower.

The Black Knight held his lance waiting for the signal to charge. The games held weekly by the King were a favourite for all the worthy men and the City people who craved the entertainment. A handsome purse was at stake for the winner. The Black Knight had unseated many a challenger this day, some were lucky and had only a broken leg or arm to take back home, others were not and were killed outright by his sturdy unforgiving lance. He now faced a knight called Vapour, keen to show his nerve and his metal in this final meeting. The King lifted his arm; a smile of expectancy and amusement greased his lips, silently hoping the purse would go to his Champion. Vapour lowered his Visor, the sweat came form every pour, the fear gripped his mind, knowing full well of the Black knights reputation on the field, and aware oh how lucky he himself had been in the challenges before. This time a true killer faced him, one with no remorse and little regard for nothing other than the purse. Vapours horse blew hard, shuddered its whole mighty frame and then steadied. The Kings hand dropped and both men charged towards each other. Through his visor Vapour fixed his eyes on the formidable figure about to bear down upon him. He whispered to himself ‒ “Hold fast your nerve, steady your horse, bring your Lance up now and aim for his heart”. An almighty CRASH! Rang out as both men and horses met, the force of the impact so great that an explosion of dust blew up, both horses fell, the dividing barrier smashed in the centre as the bulk of both horses and men collapsed in unison onto it. Vapour’s mind was taken from him, the world had disappeared into a catalyst of shock and fire, he lay there confused and injured, his horse lay dead, Vapour’s left arm was now twisted and broken, no pain as yet and the moment seemed like an eternity. His mulled senses returned and unable to move he saw through his visor the sharpness of the blinding sun. The sun became masked by a large figure standing over him, Vapour moaned in pain now and knew death would come soon. “Before I die Black knight, did I not mark you?” “You did indeed Sir, the lance is through my leg, see the wound, and see that I smile above the pain”. But it is you who lay before me unable to fight and therefore I can now kill you and claim the purse.” “Then make it quick” Vapour cried, “you will get no words of mercy from me”.

“Is there any reason why I should not kill him and claim the purse?” shouted the Black knight.“Let the brave sole live cried the King, the purse is surely yours without question” “Your command shall be obeyed oh great King, but first I must ensure he does not fight again”. The Black knight lifted his sword high above his head and brought it down with such force that it drove cleanly through Vapours shoulder blade on the right side where he still gripped his sword and was buried almost to the hilt into the soft earth leaving the screaming Vapour pinned firmly to the floor. The sword fell from his grip and the crowd cheered. “Make no mistake Vapour, if you do not die now from loss of blood and you dare to challenged me again, I will surely kill you”. The Black knight lifted Vapour’s sword from the ground and planted it with assured venom into the ground beside his head. “Look at the blade Sir Vapour, look at it closely as you lie there. If I see you again and I am before you, I swear your head will rest upon it with no King to save you”……


The fever broke, his eyes becoming slowly focused on the aged man looking down upon him, the bed upon which he lay was hard and makeshift and and encouraged his upper body to get up. The pain and stiffness jabbed him and he fell back. “Do not be to hasty to move just yet my friend, the wounds of the joust are not yet fully healed”.
Both arms ached, one in a splint and the other heavily bandaged. “I carried you from the field when all had left and brought you here to mend, I could not leave such a brave knight to die alone. Brave but lacking skill in the art of battle. Having the sun before you when you charged was foolish, The Black Knight knew exactly what he was doing when he turned his shield upon your eyes just before the moment you met.
Your lance dropped and his hit its target, you were lucky to spear his leg, which must have angered him much, had it not been for the King your head would surely decorate his saddle. Now rest you are still weak”. Vapour lay back, groaned with pain and fell into a deep sleep.

In the Kingdom’s Tavern spirits were high, no more so than the Black Knight’s whose
Exploits and now drunken antics drove men to the shadows and women at his feet. “Ah, these men are idiots and the women bore me, there are no women here I desire, and none to befit a champion of my stature”. “There is a woman that satisfy your desires my Lord” came a voice from a table near by. It was a Townsman one who seemingly knows everyone’s business and doesn’t tend his own. The Black Knight dragged him from his stool by the throat. “I beg Sir Knight, do not hurt me for I bring you the opportunity to possess the the most beautiful princess in all the Land and she is not more than 50 miles from here. “And why should you tell me this you poor wretch, what profit you by it?” “Well for 50 crowns my Lord I will give you a map to the Tower where she resides always alone and waiting for a Knight such as you to release her from her prison of sadness. No one has succeeded so far and without this map not even you could navigate the many dangers that await”. “I will give you the 50 crowns that you ask, but if you lie, I will drag your body back behind my horse and I will ride so hard not even your mother will recognise you. Meet me here in the morning with the map.” The Black Knight released his grip on the man and with a drunken burp fell forward onto the table unconscious from the many flagons of ale that had helped him celebrate the day.

Early at break of day the Black Knight trotted his horse through the City Gates and out onto the plains, his strength and ego boosted by the victory and the prize of the joust, he looked back and grinned at the man tethered to the back of his mount. With rope tied to his wrists, and who half walked, stumbled and then ran to keep the pace so as not to fall. “Now that we are brothers in arms, what do they call you peasant?” The Black Knight’s sarcasim burned a whole in the face of the man trailing as a prisoner behind. “My name is Wenlock. But why do you do this to me, I offered you the map for a mere pittance in order to feed my family, and this is how I am paid”. “You will be paid when we are through the dangers of which you speak, keep the map safe and let us both see if the map tells the truth for if it is false the no other man accept you will take it to his God, now hold your tongue and conserve your energy, 50 miles is a long walk and if you bleat I will raise the horses pace and drag you the rest of the way”.

Vapour began to move around; he strolled about the City and stopped for a while by a table outside a tavern too take some bread. A woman with two children came up to him as he ate. “You’re the brave soul that fought the Black Knight,” she uttered nervously. “I am he, I hope my pain was worth your enjoyment of it” “I was sorry to see you fall and it was my grandfather that brought you away to heal”. Vapour raised his head, “Well then I am grateful to you and your family” She moved closure to sit by him and urged her two children to play. “I need your help” she said half crying “My husband has been foolish and has been kidnapped by the Black Knight, he has some knowledge of an enchanted woman, the details of which he shared as he has shared with many knights that come through here and none have returned and now I fear my husband will not come back”. Vapour broke some bread and offered it to the woman “What do you want me to do take on the Black Knight and let him finish me this time?” She grabbed his arm “Please go after him and bring my husband back, I fear he will be killed and his children never to see him again!!”. “I cannot dear Lady I have no stomach for such a task”. The woman cried in despair gathered her children and made her way home. Vapour looked on after the poor sad woman, cursed under his breath, left the table making for the old mans house and began to prepare his mind for the journey he was about to undertake. The Old man patted him on the back as he prepared his armour and then sharpened his sword. “I have a horse you can have, but remember ensure the Sun is to your back and that your shield is polished well, for if you are turned you will need its power”. Vapour thanked the old man then embraced him, gathered the horse’s reigns and rode off out of the City.

The Black knight and his companion were through the dangers as the map had foretold, the quicksand and the beasts that roamed had been negated safely and the Tower was in full majestic view not more than one mile ahead. Wenlock fell to his knees exhausted. “Will you cut me free now my Lord and attend to my fee?” The Black Knight slid from his horse and with the knife taken from his sheath, cut the captives tethers, “Come Wenlock, stand up before me and let me give you an embrace for guiding me safely to this place”. Wenlock rose wearily to his feet and as the Knight embraced him he whispered in his ear, “I can’t allow you to show others the way and to lighten my purse by 50 crowns would see me unduly out of pocket. Wenlock’s eyes widened with the unexpected thrust of the knight’s blade to the abdomen and then shut tight with the onset of pain, the knight thrust deep into him once more and he fell to the ground his life no more. The knight wiped the bloody blade on the jerkin of the dead Wenlock and plucked the map from his tightened grip. “Now that is most inconsiderate of you, blood all over the parchment”. Having satisfied himself that his knife was clean he mounted his horse, made for the Tower and left the lifeless body of Wenlock to the scavengers.

Vapour studied the map given to him by his old friend and could also see the tracks left by a horse and the footprints of a man behind it on foot, sometimes broken by a stumble. He was aware of the many dangers of such a journey but never the less rode on, he could have turned and headed in a safer direction and forget this path that could take him to a possible end, but then what, if he did not face it here what chance to face and win somewhere else, when would he turn away again? Once you turn away, and it only takes the one time, you will do it for the rest of your life. He filled his lungs with air, put the map close to his breast and urged his horse into a gallop.

When the master left without a wave she sat alone on her bed, she could hear the calls of the men outside and moved to the window looking down at their eager faces.
“Sing to us,” cried one “Let us hear that beautiful voice that we have come to know and love” cried another. “Let us see the beauty of your face and your grace within” “I shall walk within the field for a while and I will sing to you all”, she cried down, “for you are all good men but you cannot release the dream I have, only the field and the one I hold dear can do that”. She made her way down the steps trailing her tight gown exentuating the bosoms and waist of this truly magnificent woman. Moving out into the sunlight and across the courtyard to embrace the field she loved so well. The grass lay still and the trees motionless as the men gathered to it’s border held by an unseen barrier, and as she moved to the most inner part of it. She sang so sweetly that the crowd could only listen and stare and wonder in silence.

The Black Knight rode up, tethered his horse and forced his way through the crowd, he was held like the others for a while until the lady Vanessa caught his eye she smiled at him and he returned it and as she beckoned him forward the invisible barrier was lifted for him and allowed him to pass. He moved towards her, never had he seen such a beautiful woman before and she had not seen a man to awaken her senses such as he for many years, but they had been awakened with such a force that the field became alive, the trees rustled from a rising breeze, the Orchids stood tall and those that had not yet bloomed opened their buds and spread their glorious colours about the earth. All of a sudden hundreds of butterflies populated the ground where they both stood hand in hand with eyes for no one but themselves. The chorus of Vanessa butterflies created a blanket of sheer dancing colour and as each of their wings flicked in and out. The white spots and the red bands upon the dark wings created a sheer aura of majestic living brilliance. They talked for hours and when the sun began to close the light, he moved back for his horse and she to the tower with a heart so full from this stranger’s presence and a promise of further meetings to come.

Vapour rode to the edge of the sand, the map showed him the way, his eyes watching for danger, he could see the carcass of a dead horse thrown up by nature’s fearsome trap, and then the skeleton of a poor soul driven on to his death by an unseen prize. He rode to the other side given him passage by a narrow stripe of hard ground marked clearly on the map. To his left he spotted what looked like a man lying motionless and with no companions. He moved his horse closer, dismounted and looked upon the body, death by a knife had occurred not that long before and the marks on his wrist showed him that he had been tethered, he could only assume he was the husband of the woman and hung his head dreading the news he would surely have to give. There could only be one course for him now, to address his fears and to face the Black Knight. Vapour took the ring from the dead mans finger and cut a lock of his hair and then proceeded to dig a grave with his sword and a makeshift spade. Piling stones around the cross of wood and having said a prayer for the man, re-mounted and rode for the Tower.

Upon his arrival Vapour mixed within the camp of men searching for the man he must challenge, to ask questions would be unwise and instead picked his spot, made a fire and watched and waited for he knew he was here somewhere. Having managed a restless sleep he awoke to the movement of feet it was dark but he saw all the men hurrying out of the camp to some unseen spectacle, he gathered his weapon ensured his horse was well and then moved to follow the procession. As he looked over the men’s heads and into the field he could make out two figures. The one of a woman and that of a man, the man was the Black Knight and they were locked in an embrace so tight a blade of grass could not pass through them unnoticed. He must wait and bide his time and he must be strong and quick of mind. He left the crowd and waited for the next movements of the Black Knight. Through the darkness he could make out the Lady returning to the Tower and then the strides of the Black Knight coming back for his horse. Vapour quickly retrieved his mount and followed the knight from some distance back. Eventually the Knight stopped and dismounted and went into a hollow. Vapour crept within and saw the Knight prepare a fire and food, and has he saw him drink from a bottle he was aware the knight could see the Tower form the point he where he was sat. Now was not the time, and it was not the hour for him to make his move…. For many nights after that, Vapour studied the knight’s movements. During the day he practiced on his sword and trained his horse to obey his sharp commands whilst the other men’s minds were locked into the visions that Vanessa spread around.

The Black Knight caressed the Lady so gently; she smiled up at him wishing for his kiss upon hers. He kissed her ear gently and whispered, “Will you give yourself to me now for I have proved my love for you. For you are all I desire and all I care for, no more battles for me now that I am with you and I shall stay for as long as you need me”. “Yes” she smiled you can have all of me, all of my heart and all of my body; it is yours and yours alone. He unbuttoned her dress and it fell to her feet, the Black knight held her tightly and both fell to the ground exploring each others skin, kissing passionately and with wild abandon made love until the early hours and until sleep enveloped them both. When the Lady awoke the Black knight had gone, with no clue or note about his return. She hurriedly gathered her dress and slipped it on brushing the grass from the folds before returning to the Tower. She signed a breath of relief realising thankfully that her masters horse was still not home, sparring her the lies that she would surely have to tell.

She stood alone in the field, the sun silhouetting her beautiful frame as he began to rise and show its full glory to the land and the gathering men watching on the borders of the enchanted place. Some tried to step into it in order to be closer to the engaging beauty of the field and the sweet voice of the lady Vanessa. They were halted by an unseen power that she, and she alone could wave aside to let a worthy man pass. Vapour moved forward and he felt that he could cross had he the will, but instead he held back and watched with the others as she sang a beautiful lament in that place she loved so well. The others gradually fell back one by one to there camp as their desires and patience waned. Vapour watched her until she herself grew tired and walked back to the Tower. As she moved passed him she gave him a smile.” You have been hurt Sir Knight, I can see you have been in battle”. He smiled at her and into her eyes, “Had I met you first, my previous folly might not have occurred”. “Then stay a while and heal those wounds and do not look to fight, and maybe you can come and join me in my field sometime”. She turned her beautiful face away and strode off to the Tower. Vapour looked after her until the last flowing piece of her velvet dress disappeared behind the great oak door of the Tower.

The next day The Lady appeared once again into the field. She looked so beautiful and sang with some sadness seemingly trying to reach out to the man that she loved, but he did not come. Vanessa turned and looked at Vapour, he smiled and was able to move from his position into the field. She stood watching him as he moved towards her. “Why are you so sad Lady” he smiled “I wait for the man who makes my heart sing, the Orchids bloom and the butterflies dance. I wait for him here and he will return, I know he will. He must have urgent business elsewhere, but he will return, and I shall be here for him” “I am here Lady, do you not see me?” “I do Sir, what is your name?” “My name is Vapour” and I come to see the most beautiful woman in the land and the one that carries the sweetest voice, and I am not disappointed. I come through your barrier, so do you see me?” “As I said I do, but you do not make the butterflies dance or my heart float on air although you seem to be a genuine and honest man”. Vapour bowed his head, “It was a pleasure to meet you also, but I must leave now I have urgent business that cannot wait. “Then go with care Sir Vapour and return if you wish it would be nice to see you again” “ That I shall Lady”. Vapour turned and hurriedly left the field hoping his mission had not been thwarted by the absence of his foe. Running to his horse he quickly flicked it into a gallop heading for his adversaries encampment. When he had arrived the place was vacant, but the fire was still smouldering. The tracks headed out, not back to the City or to the Tower but a direction not known to him. Vapour quickly smacked the horse to follow the trail.

After two or more hours of riding and in the distance he saw the unmistakable figure of the Black Knight, he seemed to be in no hurry and it looked like he was drinking in the saddle. The Sun was in front of him. Vapour turned the horse and made for the flank and then past the slowly moving knight, visible on the plains. Some way up ahead he stopped his horse behind a hillock ready to meet the slowly and unsuspecting rider. The sun was on the Black Knights back and he had no Lance with him, Vapour made ready his shield and his sword and ensured the battle axe attached to the horses side sheath was ready and for his convenience. After a time and within 50 yards, Vapour moved his horse out and full vision of his adversary. The Black Knight pulled up somewhat startled, and then recognised the man on horse. He growled “You!! Why do you interrupt my path, did I not make it clear the last time when I spared you miserable life that I would kill you should we meet again” Vapour held his reigns tightly, “You did, but this time I mean to take your purse and you back to the City for the cowardly actions that I have evidenced, you may come willingly or dead behind your horse ‒ it makes little difference to me, the only one to morn you will be the Lady Vanessa, however your advantage always remain dead or alive for she will scorn me I know, for what I am about to do. “I am going to enjoy killing you as much as I enjoyed taking the woman, another prize on my belt”. The Black Knight drew his sword and charged. Vapour waited and then moved forward in a measured trot bracing himself for the clash, his shield lowered but his sword tightly gripped and his nerves in check the eyes focused. As the Knight came upon him on the plains with his sword held high ready to strike down, vapour lifted his shield, the sun burned on it and flashed into the eyes of the Black Knight, his strike was deflected expertly by vapour’s shield and with his body off balance and his chest exposed, Vapour swung his sword round catching the arm of the knight who fell from his horse and let out a cry that could be heard from miles around. Vapour quickly slide from the saddle, and with sword in hand bounced it off the helmet of the Black Knight who winced once more with pain and surprise. The Black knight tried to recover but only managed to rest on his knees looking up at his victor who had now reached for the saddle and the axe resting there.. The sun blocked out the expression of vapour as he moved to within striking distance of the Black Knight. “Can you give me one reason why I should not kill you Knight”? “I have one” he grimaced holding his arm and coughing the blood from his ruptured mouth. You have no stomach for it, you are weak and will always be so, that is why you cannot finish it”. “Wrong” replied Vapour, and with one hefty swing brought the axe down upon the Black Knights head, splitting the Helmet and Killing the Black knight with no further sound. He undid the Purse strapped to the horse and tied it to his own.

Vapour retraced his steps; the Black Knights horse laboured forward the extra burden
Of his masters dragging body as he coxed both horses back to the City they passed the Tower and he thought of the sadness that he a had unwittingly created, the Irony struck him, for the Lady Vanessa now would come the sorrow of a the dead lover and a hatred for him and riding on the back of that, the grief of the dead Wenlock’s wife when he would break the news of his unfortunate end. Had he moved along somewhere else everyone might have been spared the misery of it all, including himself? He entered the town through the archway, people stopped going about their business and fell silent as he dragged the body of the Black knight through the streets, they moved aside quickly, some disappearing altogether within the safety of their homes, others looked at the rider and studied his bloodied armour and the fearsome axe returned to its sheath, proudly hanging aside his horse. Even the horse sensed the awe with which he had been received. The king stood on his balcony and watched the spectacle in disbelief, he ran down the length of the palace himself and out into the street to meet this knight who had slain his Champion, brushing his guards aside in his service to protect him “Sir Knight what deed is this, this is truly a feat that deserves my praise and to offer you the place as my knew champion and keeper of my guard” “I thank you Sire, but this place holds to many thoughts of pain and I must beg your leave, here lies your champion a man the world will not miss and a man who will always find his destiny in the flames of hell”. The King opened mouthed, watched Vapour cut the tethers from the body of the dead Black Knight, dumping him unceremoniously upon the ground, then regaining his mount, rode back into the town.

So much sadness, so much grief, but he had no regrets, he did what he had to do when others turn away and hide behind a lie that would always imprison them. The purse lay on the table, the man's wife inconsolable with her head buried in her arms. “The body of the man who killed your husband lies without any mourners by the Kings feet, I killed the man for everyone and I hope one day your pain will heal as I hope mine will. “Now I bade you farewell” the old man placed his hand on Vapour’s shoulders “You are welcome to stay and make a place here”. “No I must go, my place is not here I know that”. The old man embraced him and wished him god speed. Very soon he was on horse again galloping back to the Tower and to the woman that drew him. As he came upon the spot he could see the Lady standing in the field, the men watched but were silent. He dismounted and as before walked unchecked into the field to be near her.

As he stood there beside her in the field and smelt her closeness cushioning the dust, weariness and the tiredness of his own body, he looked at her eyes and her quivering lips and the loneliness that she felt within, he could offer no comfort. “Oh I wish he would come. I miss him so”, He turned away and looked at the Tower standing alone and empty as he stood now, wondering how much a man has to bear to be true to himself and others. He turned to face her and looked upon the sadness that gripped and his very soul. He paused unable to say anything for a moment. Closing his eyes and with his teeth clenched to stop any other words from spoiling the truth he spoke softly. “I have killed him” she turned to him with a questioning look “Why do you lie to me!!?” She drooped to her knees and shaking her head she spoke with tears welling in her eyes “Why do you lie? do you think it will gain you my favour and clear the way for you?, you’re a fool if you think that, he will return I know it, I will wait for him in my field of dreams”. “He will not return, I have killed him, he was a lair and a killer and had no truth or honour for you, I seek not your favour, I do not regret what I have done and I did it, not to win you. I did it because it was the right thing to do, and as painful as it is for you, it had to be done”. The Lady Vanessa sobbed, he wanted so much to offer his hand, but the thought of seeming more worthless than he already felt in her eyes stopped him and he turned to leave her. “You will find your dream I am sure of it. One as kind and gentle as you will not be alone for long I am sure of it”.

As he walked from the field and back to his horse, The Lady Vanessa rose and with eyes full of tears she called to him. “Do not go Sir, stay and comfort me”. He halted in mid stride and taking a breath, braced himself and turned to her. “It is not I that you wish for, I do not make your butterflies dance nor you flowers bloom and therefore it is not my company you need, but I offer you my friendship and a trust that you can rely upon, and that no man can take from me anymore than any man can take from you the power in your heart. But as I leave I will say this, one day I shall return and if they dance for us, and if the flowers bloom then I will stay for good”.

She smiled at him and waved goodbye. As Vapour rode out of the town and onto the plains he halted his horse for a while and turned to look back at the Tower. He could see her there in the window looking at him go, and although he couldn’t make out the features of her lovely face, he hoped in his heart that she had a smile for him and a wish for him and a love for him and that one day soon he would return to her field of Dreams……….

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7/4/2006 5:59 pm

very romantic....beautiful imagery
Vapour is a gallant knight
Lady Vanessa is lucky to have such a champion.


rm_Vapour_UK replies on 7/5/2006 10:18 am:
I am the Champion of anyone who likes what I say in my profile M

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nice story vapour

rm_Vapour_UK replies on 10/7/2006 1:23 pm:
I am so glad you liked it Lickle xx

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