Sex is a matter of Destiny...  

rm_VanOgs 48M
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5/16/2006 4:44 pm
Sex is a matter of Destiny...

When a person meets another, it is the start of a relationship, as long as both are willing to open up with each other.

The people we meet in the street, our offices and yes, even in the john.

All it takes is one word or gesture.

SMILE! it makes a lot of difference. The next thing you know is that the other person would make a response, then the conversation begins. This is the start of a relationship...

Who knows this could lead to a hard banging teeth clenching encounter/s.

Once I had been invited to a party and one of the girls caught my attention. She was simple but really a beauty. I smiled and she smiled back so I invited her to dance. Next thing you know, we were alone taking a couple of drinks, as if we were the only ones there.

I invited her out and went to a nearby place under a tree. Suddenly, we were kissing and petting right there and as I reached for her crotch she suddenly blurted out, OOOPs, what is you're name again? We laughed and went back to the dance floor.

She became my constant sex partner for seven months and boy, we were having so much fun with what we have.

Until one day, she told me she was getting married, and we cried and had to do it for one last time.

It was really a wonderful experience.

Sex is a matter of Destiny. It happens when people choose to do it rather than talk about it. I believe that anyone could have sex with anybody if both will it to happen.

It is not a matter of FATE. Because Fate does not give us the power of choice while destiny prompts us to give it a go because we will it to be.

That is the secret to my success in any endeavor.

Is it Destiny that you and I be together? The choice is yours and mine! SMILE!!!

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