So Sorry  

rm_VainRapture 28F
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8/29/2006 4:58 pm
So Sorry

Hey there guys, thanks for reading my blog, and im sorry that i havent written in a while, i've been pretty sick and sucking on panadol, heron and codine for the last month or so.

Theres so much stuff thats been going on in my life this last couple of weeks. As you would probally know i was completing year 12 at school, well i quit that because ive been so sick lately and probally wasnt going to even pass anyway.

I've moved house finally after 10 weeks of living in a 2 bedroom flat with my 2 sisters and their boyfriends, sharing a bed with my older sister throughout the week and then with her boyfriend (nothing sexual - ew gross) on the weekends after we've been on the wagon lmfao.

My younger sisters boyfriend went to hospital one weekend with alcohol poisoning after he demolished 8 bottles of passion pop on his own - and i couldnt even get through 1 bottle - discusting cheap wine lol.

I found myself a boyfriend and we've been together for about a month now - probally why im so sick lmfao i met him off and he's pretty cool. He's debating moving to Gladstone, where he came from, to get a job there though so just as soon as he came he could be gone again. And if he does go im not going with him so i'll be single again because the thought of a long distance relationship like that just doesnt do anything for me.

But apart from that my life has been pretty stagnant, and boring... i'm still looking for people to talk to off this site so hit me up sometime if your interested and we'll see what comes of that.

I'm feeling really apathetic at the moment, my brain doesnt want to function to it's full ability which is really dragging me down! I say stuff i dont mean and stuff that just sounds like it came out of one of those stereotypical blonde jokes you heard all the time. I dont know whats happened to my humor, my great vocabulary skills and my zest - they must all be off searching for my lost brain. Well i hope they find it and bring it back to me because i miss my brain alot... my poor little brainy wainy

Oh i've got another account on passions too with my lesbian lover lmfao i hate that saying but its so addictive, don't you think? The account is VeinsRupture and you should definately check it out sometime!

So i think its about time to head off of this site or atleast off my blog, i might go and chat for a while in the chat rooms - ill meet you there hey? its a date!


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