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4/23/2006 2:52 pm

lets see. I have three things that really intrigue me. Reading, writing, and psychology. Go figure. I enjoy trying to figure people out. Everyone is their own puzzle and you'll never understand everything there is to know about anyone, especially yourself. You know those things that you love but you can't ever tell someone else why you do, so you say "I don't know, I just do." Well, those are the things that really intrigue me about people. You can say you want this, this, this, and that. But whether you really do or not no one knows but you. I've noticed a lot of people walk through life doing things they don't really have a passion for because they once said "Hey, I really like doing that" and rather than admit that they may have been wrong they keep doing it anyways. Or even better convincing themselves that they really do enjoy doing it when they conciously know they don't.

Writing is a great outlet for everything and a great way to entertain other people and give them a glimpse into how your mind works and what kind of person you are. I enjoy writing poetry and short stories when I get into a writing mood. I've got a passion for science fiction writing. I enjoy the freedom of being able to turn my imagination loose and let it do whatever it wants. I also enjoy poetry because everyone takes the thing away from poetry that they need to. It's not like a story where everyone reads the same things and gets the same things from it. You and I could read the same piece of poetry and get completely different things from it because you take from it what most closely touches your life and your memories. The things you can empathise most with.

Reading is great. I don't have a whole lot to say about it other than I really enjoy it. I think that everyone should take time out at least once a year to read one good book. I have a hard time reading because I've read all the books I own at least once, most are more like three plus times.

I don't fit into your usual social categories. I'm not what you could really call an outdoors person because I don't enjoy things like hunting and trapsing out into the sticks and twigs just to say I did it. But at the same time I'm not an indoor nerdy type person because I can only be indoors so long before I start to go crazy.

The biggest thing I look for in people is an ability to discuss just about anything. I can talk to people about pretty much anything and it doesn't bother me. From my limited experience I've found this to be a very hard trait to find in people, because person x enjoys talking about x, y, and z but doesn't like talking about the other 23 things out there. I guess I just enjoy talking to well rounded people as well as the specialists. Don't get me wrong, I love to hear about a persons passion taht they can go on for hours about and know extensively. I just don't enjoy talking to people when thats the ONLY thing they talk about.

Well, I'm going to get going. Hope you enjoyed reading this post and find it useful if your reading this thing to determine if I'm the type of person you'd like to get to know or not. Have a good one

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