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7/15/2006 8:28 pm

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I swear I am still not feeling well... I must've drank more than I thought b/c I generally am okay after an evening of drinking. Something about drinking at that place makes me more hung over than drinking anywhere else... perhaps it is the endearing (sarcasm) way they serve all their beer in cans? Anyway, I was forced to take it easy all day today, laying around, reading when my brain wasn't hurting too badly, day dreaming about this man that I adore (but that confuses me with his mixed messages) and trying to sleep off this nasty headache. I am feeling a bit amorous but as I don't have a consistent sexual partner (again, the man I adore was a great one... but he's so confusing and has recently decided we should back off! UGH!) and don't enjoy feeling used for sex, I guess I will just masturbate and be done with it. It's funny how I don't want to be used but I've actually done some using in the past. I'm just tired of meaningless sex. I think I've mentioned that about three times already and I've only been blogging for a week. Can you tell what's on my mind?

Until tomorrow...

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