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10/9/2005 3:29 am

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'Joe Blogs'

There once was a man called Joe,
who couldn't get enough of his blow,
he smoked it all day and smoked it all night,
and by the time his girlie had switched off the light,
Joe's poor little cock wouldn't work for him right!!

Anyone ever experienced, or ladies have u witnesed what happened to Jo haha?!?... i dont mind admitting it happened to me a few times through over indulging on various going out substances when i was younger, and yet the girls i was with each time would not beleive that they were not to blame!! why is that?!? surley woman know that men can somtimes think with their dicks but cant always control them!

So i thought i'd see what the board (thats u that is!) has to say about it.. anyone got any funny stories, rhymes or comments about this topic then blog away!

And yes i really am this bored, i wanted to get blogging but had nothing to say! this has all stemed from my blog name.. first thing that came to mind was Joe Bloggs jeans, then started a little poem which rhymed with Joe, which ended up being about limp dicks!! strange how a bored mind works!

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