The Tryst Vol. 2  

rm_Trystful69 39M
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9/11/2005 2:02 am

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The Tryst Vol. 2

The Pretender Pt 2 & What does good sex mean?:

The Pretender 2-

So the woman I spoke of in part one finally confessed what I suspected all along...she has a few issues (catching a few feelings). Mainly, I think she just loves the sex and it effected her intentions something wicked. All the while she told me that I'm not typically her type (but her type never made her body feel the way I do...and I do it consistently). Which leads to my second topic...

What does good sex mean?-

And that's a rhetorical question for all the smart asses out there in cyber-world. I've often been told that I ruin sex...for the unfortunate guys that may following me. I've been told that I make women desire no one but me. Which in itself is a compliment but still kinda scary. I guess it's because I do it 'right'. I know it's not my dick size (I'm nice but not HUGE...I've been told on many occasions that it's "perfect"...not TOO big, but not at all small and how can you argue with being told you have a perfect but rather 'what' I do...the passion I put into it, the attention I pay to the body. I think this fact/opinion is what knocked 'the pretender' off her square. Any ladies that are curious as to what she's raving know what to

But for those that happen to browse my blog...answer that one for me...What does GOOD sex mean to you? I'd love to discuss this.

rm_ladytaz112 35F
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9/17/2005 1:54 am

To me, good sex is feeling the passion in expressions, body langauge, and verbal language. By listening to all that and paying attention to your partner and fulfilling your partners needs, that is what I would call good sex!!

P.S. Maybe one day I could feel what the pretender was "feeling".

rm_Trystful69 39M

9/19/2005 11:12 pm

ladytaz...hi there.

I whole heartedly agree with you. I mean, whatever the occasion calls for is what the partner should provide. I think I'm consistently passionate though. I think 50% of good sex is being pleased and the other 50% is knowing that you are returning the favor. I think this gets lost in the wham-bam world some of us live in.

P.S. Get to Chicago much?

bbcwifebangerguy 40M

10/19/2011 4:55 pm

sure u cld feel this bbc girl let me know

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