Epic Fantacea Chapter 2. Noriova tore his way...  

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Epic Fantacea Chapter 2. Noriova tore his way...

Noriova tore his way through the brambles, the briars, and the thickets--through every type and name of thorn there is. Noriova briefly wondered to himself, how his armor could be expected to delfect a sword when every thorn in existence was finding ways through to poke, cut, scrape and generally molest him in most ways unpleasant.
He shook his head as he remembered his encounter with Harold who was called the god of flame and shadow. It was not the bizarre unexpected encounter with the man, or the amazing way he knew how to help Noriova with his visions.
No, the strange part of the encounter was when Noriova turned back to wave goodbye, and not only was the god of flame and shadow nowhere to be seen, but the whole campsite, fire, boulders for sitting, and all were gone, as if none of these things had ever existed.
A few hours later, Noriova finally found a light trail, not quite an easily accessible road, but a path nonetheless, perhaps formed by deer or bear.
Shortly after the discovery of the path, and while traversing it, Noriva got the unmistakable feeling that he was being followed.
He froze in his tracks.
He slowly glanced around him.
There was someone or someTHING nearby, but whomever or whatever it was, it was for the time being, remaining unseen and unheard.
Noriova pivotted one last time, turning a couple or circles, trying to see as much of his pitch black surroundings as possible. Still, there was nothing, so Noriova continued on, his hand occasionally caressed Windsong's pommel.
A few minutes later the little path he was on merged with a much larger trail, and several yards ahead were the crossroads he had been searching for. There was someone standing there, dead ahead.
In the middle of the intersection stood a very shapely figure, and Noriova, without knowing why, knew that she was there waiting for him.
As he advanced, she spoke, half hissing, half-seductively whispering. "Beware the cult, young knight. Ye be child of darkness, servant of light," she said, her voice correspondingly seductive, right along with her body so attractive.
"Who are you?" Noriova asked, drawing still closer to her, his left hand crossed over to his right hip, comfortably gripping Windsong's slender pommel, ready for kill.
"Don' flaw away lit'l bird," she sang, "Not until the word you've heard, has been said--but--". The witch stepped forward, Noriova wishing he could see her face through her veil, to see the being through the visage projected, "--at time specific, you'll be dead, from terra firma rejec-ted!"
"What manner of evil creature am I truly dealing with?" Noriova wondered to himself. Instead he asked her, "Who are ye then, y'enemy, friend, messenger to me?"
She smelt vaguely of jasmine and rotting leaves, death and a clove smoking.
Although too scared to be aroused, Noriova was highly entrigued. This reminded him somehow of his time spent in Luzd.
"Just don't ask to see me face, If true such incident took place, messenger by daemon erased. Hear clearly and hear quickly, hour for certainty runs sickly. Your appointed task, that of which you'll be asked, you shall never climb that mountain."
And with that statement being said, the witch turned to leave, (which probably would have been for the best),heading straight down the path to the far side of the intersection.
Caution abandoned to the wind, Noriova watched her go, floating so smoothly as she went and the way her dark, almost-translucent-but-not-quite- translucent-enough dress hugging her hips and bosom, accentuating her goddess-like body.
"Could I have you?" he asked, his inner person however screamed, "what in the hells are you thinking?"
"Yes," she said softly, looking back over her shoulder, "but you can't see my face."
"But I have to!" Noriova, spellbound, declared.
Another vision began to overcome Noriova. The witch was smelling purely of sweetness and desire, candy canes and musk, rose oil and mint, perfume and sweetly scented candles.
"You can have my body," the witch said, with it a trace of sadness perhaps, "shadow knight, and your rewards or regrets as sweet or ill, as it would or will, thus is your life. But out Love's trist does end when, you pull one free of veil, and one of scabbard as well."
Noriova stepped forward and pulled her close to him.

---to be continued---

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