Epic Fantacea #5 the entrapment  

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3/26/2006 1:26 am
Epic Fantacea #5 the entrapment

"How ya' doin' then?" asked the bigger man to his superior officer.
The officer's name was Justarius, and the bigger man's name was Jack.
"Jack, I'm pretty damn worried," said Justarius, somehow managing to sound cool and collected, "the worst of the threat seems to be over, but," the worried officer looked over his shoulder, "how can we be certain of anything? How can we be certain that these half-breeds won't come back to finish us off?"
The bigger man, who not a knight at all, but a hired mercenary employed by the company, fiddled with his eyepatch for a moment, as he was oft to do, then patted his friend and superior officer's shoulder for a moment.
"Look," he said, "they got what they were after--every single one of our horses, and the first few fallen men. They were starving. They were after meat."
"How can you be both so sure and so calm?" said the knight, turning to look at his friend in his one exposed eye.
Both men cleared there throats, as they had just caught themselves in one of them moments completely awkward for men, that of silence and prolonged eye contact.
Both men shifted uncomfortably, and the blue-eyed knight, now the ranking officer of all that remained of the third army, absent-mindedly scanned the encampment (or as the men not-so-jokingly called it--"the entrapment") around him.
As if reading his mind, the large brown-eyed mercenary said, "Thirty-eight men in fighting condition, but almost no morals to speak of. Twice that many wounded and dying. No horses, and supplies are running out."
Justarius looked to his friend with a bittersweet smile on his face.
"Thanks much, so very much, for the status report," he said with more than a touch of sarcasm. His gaze lingered on a couple of men dying for want of infection fighting medicines, or an honest-to-goodness healer.
"I wish we hadn't sent the Hedona priestesses away," said Jack.
"Why?" asked Justarius incredulously, completely baffled by the man's statement. "The Hedonites were not healers, simply elegantly-titled prostitutes."
Jack looked back at his friend and commander, winked, and said matter-of-factly, "I wasna' wishin' for healin'. I was thinking about dippin' my scepter in holy waters, perhaps one last time--"
"Sir Justarius!" came a yell from the south. Both turned to look at the soldier running their way.
"Someone's coming! Someone's coming from the south!"

to be continued

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