Epic Fantacea #24 Enter Luzd  

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4/24/2006 11:55 pm
Epic Fantacea #24 Enter Luzd

The emotion that instantly overcome Noriova was enough to cause him to shake rather violently, and he almost wept. His eyes were glassy emeralds as the experience and overwhelming emotions he had been suppressing with a zealous fervor overcame him in an instant.
Noriova was a strong man in such things as combat and bloodshed, but never having known his true father and no mother figure whatsoever, perhaps these things had left him vulnerable.
Certainly passing through a realm manifest of the flesh’s greatest desire and weakness is enough to break even the strongest of men. Noriova had not completely broken by the experience, but he had come pretty close–as close as any man can without completely falling apart.
“It’s been so long,” stammered Noriova, “We were nearing the place where we had planned to break camp for the night.” Noriova glanced over to Justarius who nodded solemnly.
Noriova continued, “The half-breed ambush caught us completely by surprise, mostly because we had no idea there were so many of them. They must’ve had us outnumbered five-to-one.
I was near the front with Michaels, Otley, Kevrom, Starrion, and I can’t remember who else at this point. We were cut off from the main body and completely surrounded.
I remember they were biting out mounts, savagely ripping the flesh. Stormy threw me off, and I hit the ground hard as they took her down, eating her alive.
I wanted to cry for Stormy–she was the best damn mare in all the kingdom.
The next thing I knew I was cartwheeling down the side of a ravine–a ravine a few seconds before I hadn’t known even existed.
I landed in a river and nearly drowned. I had hit my head several times on the way down the hill and my armor was just too damned heavy.
When I thought for sure that I was a dead man, I managed to grab a hold of a large rock and pull myself ashore.”
Noriova stopped speaking for a minute, trying to collect his thoughts.
“It was still light out when I lost consciousness on that muddy shore. When I woke up I was covered in my own blood. I knew it was my blood because all of the battle gore had been washed away by the waters.
It was dark and quiet. I remember it seemed unnaturally quiet. I yelled, calling out several different names, but I heard nothing in response, and I had no idea where I was.
I followed the river downstream, knowing only that I was on the wrong side of the river.
My head hurt immensely and I was confused as all Hells.
I wondered for quite a long time when I saw a light off in the distance. I staggered toward it.
I remember it was cloudy–I couldna’ see any stars and no sign of any moons. So, I headed to the only light I could see, far away from me.
I staggered and stumbled for what seemed like an eternity.” He thought to himself, through my isolation and agonizing headache.
He continued his tale.
“I came to a cave–what looked like a manmade tunnel really, with carvings of runes I did not recognize all around the entrance. I yelled, ‘Hello!’ at the entrance, but no one responded.
I went into that cave then. Gods, I wish I hadn’t.
I walked on in, seeking the source of the light, hoping that I’d find a man, elf, or dwarf–someone who was responsible for the light source.
The light, as it would turn out, was a trick like everything else in the forsaken place.
The farther I went, it seemed the farther away the light went.
I staggered on, and as my shite for luck would go, I fell again, tumbling head over heels. ‘This figures’ I remember thinking.
After bouncing around for quite a long time, I hit the bottom of the descent.
Lookin’ up aw knew there was no way I was gon’ be able to climb back up the way I had fallen down.
I knew I’d have to find another way up, and another way out.
So, I continued going forward, heading in the only direction I could go.
Soon, I was being pulled by my senses toward something I couldna’ understand.
Soon the cave opened up, and I was no longer in a narrow passage.
I realized, this place, deep underground, was as large as any city ever built.
I was in a large chamber. There was water, but it was shallow. I trudged through the water, that at its deepest point, was chest deep.
Reaching the other side, I was soon in another tunnel. And in that tunnel, I heard a woman’s laughter–you know the kind that’s meant to draw you on.
I hurried then, thinking, my salvation could be found at the source of that laughter.
As I ran on, through the cavern, I smelled some perfume, the sweetest and most alluring perfume I’d ever smelled.
It smelled purely of sweetness, woman, and passion.
Yeah, sweetness and feminity, the scent of sweet candy and sweet sex.
Still, there was no sign of the source of the laughter, but the smell of sweetness and of a healthy woman’s desire spurred me on.
I forgot about everything else--my struggles--even who I was. I didna’ care anymore, my temperature was high and my blood was pumping.
I felt alive for the first time, and I’ll tell you this, my armor was growing rather uncomfortable and restrictive. I’m surprised I didna’ take it off--I was still partly human, apparently.
Soon enough, the cavern’s rock walls had become something else--something with a smell and a sound all its own. The walls, floor and ceiling of the cavern had become soft flesh.
And it breathed and quivered as if enduring a Lover’s soft touch–the wall’s, ceiling and cavern floor was one pulsating body of flesh.
My own flesh was feeling the call–the need rippling through my entire being. I know only that I desired–even though I had no face to put with my desire.
I imagined every beautiful face and every sensual body under Heaven.
Soon, as I stammered on I found that the passage of pulsating flesh was beginning to take shape.
As I staggered on , I realized the shapes I was seein’ were human bodies pulsating in the ecstasy of the greatest pleasure a human being can ever know.
They–Shadraku, Tarien, and all the gods, forgive me–were humanoid, headless couples pulsating, quivering, throbbing, pushing, and pulling in every way, manner and position two beings can be in while pleasuring themselves and one another.
The smell of sex was not at all repulsive, but alluring and enticing.
I wanted to kiss, touch, and penetrate any beautiful body, willing or not.
I was salivating, staggering, half-crawling like a beast, and wanting nothing more than to dominate and master a lump of flesh.”
Noriova felt ashamed speaking as he was, his face glowing red, but the elder Justarius encouraged him, almost putting a hand on Noriova’s shoulder, but thought twice about and stayed his hand.
“Go on,” said the elder, while the younger Justarius nodded.
“I trudged on…”
--to be continued--

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