Epic Fantacea #17 New York 2003  

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4/9/2006 10:04 pm
Epic Fantacea #17 New York 2003

Valoran casually walked around, admiring a humbly impressive library, and then stopping by a window, he stared outside, looking out over the city lights.
He dreamed while awake, of seeing the countryside in daylight. He turned around and watched for the door to be opened, and in walked the traveller whose house it was that he was standing in.
"Hello, my old friend. How're things?"
"Mourna," said the vampire prefect, smiling warmly at his old friend, "have you learned anything of use to you?"
Shaking his head Mourna replied, "Much have I learned, but never enough. It would seem I have no choice but to go back."
"Everything is still the same then?" asked Valoran, running his hand through his well-groomed shoulder-length thich auburn hair. (His head of hair was very much a source of some vanity in this particular middle-aged vampire.)
"Yes, for the most part, everything is the same. I've managed to change nothing."
"Fuck it," said Valoran, knowing what his friend needed to get his mind off of things, "wanna go for a car ride?"
"Yeah. Let's."
The sourceror and the vampire hopped into the sourceror's Lamborghini Diablo--cherry-red naturally--the vampire getting in on the driver's side and the sourceror in the role of passenger.
They heard a variety of songs that night, and sang along to the music they'd heard in the clubs and in the streets.
After awhile, as is always the case, their talks turned to the political arena.
"So, how are things in Europe?" asked the sourceror.
"Uneasy," was Valoran's reply in a serious tone, "All eyes are on the mideast, and they shift uneasily between the U.S., Europe, and China. More and more the same sentiment is being shared by more and more of the great houses."
Mourna, shaking his head finished his friend's thought. "You're wishing the Brethren would have chosen to subjigate these club-wielding cave dwellers when maybe, you should have."
"Yap. And closer to home, I've got to find a way to stop a bloodfeud between a certain prominent L.A. house and a certain prominent New York house.
"Dumak and Lamars," asked the sourceror, knowing just as much as he could possibly want to know about vampire politics.
"Of course."
Breaking the tempo of the current conversation, the sourceror said, "Selphuvall showed me the continuum."
"Really?" asked the vampire, turning and looking at his greatest friend while dodging in and out of traffic with ease.
"Or at least a rather accurate, symbolically effective representation of it." The sourceror paused for a moment and then said, "he then showed me my stream..."
---to be continued--

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