Epic Fantacea #13 the word in their hearts  

rm_Trypsoul3 38M
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4/2/2006 8:08 pm
Epic Fantacea #13 the word in their hearts

He moved quickly, invisible to most eyes as he crossed their visage. Their tongue, though known to him, was not one he spoke regularly, and their complexions were slightly darker than those of the peoples of the Western Realms. They dressed in brighter colors, and moved with a pride founded upon devotion--although that devotion was well-hidden deep inside their hearts, from those of foreign occupiers.
Using an ability similar to that of True Sight, this man, this sourceror, invoked a power that would allow him to hear the words upon their hearts.
Their hearts screamed and pleaded for the return of the Pal`a'din.

--to be continued--

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