Epic Fantacea #1  

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3/22/2006 2:21 am
Epic Fantacea #1

"Who are you, Noriova?"
"I am just a man," he said softly, walking forward very slowly, both afraid and old like.
The god of flame and shadow said, "Oh, I think you are more than that."
"I am a man in my usual condition--that truly of an unusual man in an unusual situation." Noriova's eyes began to glitter as he spoke.
"I am on the crossroads and I see a threshhold before me."
"What are you suppose to do?"
"Walk forward."
"And do what?" the god of flame and shadow asked, leaning forward as he did so, his eyesbrows arched high.
"Save them," Noriova said, shock slowly beginning to overwhelm him, as he saw how fast he was walking forward, so symbolically, but too scared to do it literally."
The world was too quiet for a moment.
"What happened?"
Noriova shook with fear, his breathing in-and-out complimentary to his unsteady muscles.
"The focus you speak of," Noriova was calming now, no longer perspiring. "I almost had it. Maybe I had it, then, it was gone. I must go back to find it.," Noriova continued not quite making a lot of sense to the god of flame and shadow, who leaned forward on the rock he was sitting on to better study his young prodigy.
"How will you get it back?"
"What is your focus?"
"Love. A Lady. One I must die for."
"Oh, let's not be hasty about dying. It's tragically romantic, but let's figure out why you should live for her before you go on about dying for her." The god of flame and shadow wiggled uncomfortably on his not-quite-boulder-sized rock. The young knight's reply had not been what he had been expecting.
"She wears a crest," Noriova continued, a gold crest emblazoned upon a blue tauberd. The crest bears two crossed swords planted into the green earth," he began to smile as he related his vision, "and resting upon the scabbards of those two downwards blades, like a great diamond, a book with the ancient symbol of lyfe magically chiseled on the inside cover, as not to be seen by impure eyes. Perched on the book," the young knight continued, "is a phoenix, its wings spread out, like an umbrella over the flames that consume it.
And above this great bird's upturned head is a star, a moon, and a circle that can only jointly be symbollic of a planet and so much more."
Noriova stopped for a bit, catching his breath and steadying himself.
"And the Lady?" said the god of flame and shadow, half-way amused at the notion that he was reminding the young seer of what his point had been.
"Yes. Her. So beautiful. She is a healer by heart, and a soldier if necessary." The big smile spread on Noriova's face, that big stupid look everyone who is in Love gets on their face. "She is the most beautiful woman in the world, that has ever, and yet be born."
"Who is she?"
"She is a priestess of Lyfe and a sourceress, her name is..."
Still in his trance, Noriova continued, "not yet to be revealed. She is sacred to Lyfe, and bound to Mourna."
"So," the god of flame and shadow snapped a small branch in three and threw the pieces into the fire, "how do you fit into the picture?" asked the god of flame and shadow, gesturing highly expressively with his hands as he spoke, "I mean to say, how does this Lady relate to you?"
"I am somehow to become her knight!"
"And your strings are being pulled a little taut now as it is, boy?" asked the god of flame and shadow.
"I know, I'm a commander in the third army, and a Chevalier of the Knights of Tears. I 'ave that Selphuvall chap that I've agreed to help, and of course I have your charge." The young knight finished his sentence with a dismal "hmm..."
"Well, Commander," said the god of flame and shadow (who had, in fact, introduced himself as 'Harold' to the young knight and had subsequently asked to be called 'the god of flame and shadow. It was around this same time that Harold called the god of flame and shadow had enlisted the knight's aid.
"I believe that is is your duty to seek out the Lady, but first you must return to your company of men. They need you this morrow.
"How do I find them?"
"Head in the direction of the setting sun. As soon as the sun sets head in the direction of the crescent moon risen, turning in the direction of the lowest tip of the sliver, when you reach the crossroads, go forward."
End part 1
To be continued...
D.A.R. (Trypsoul3)...

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