Epic Fantace #27 The Story Interrupted  

rm_Trypsoul3 38M
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5/8/2006 11:48 pm
Epic Fantace #27 The Story Interrupted

Before he could finish the story, the parts of which he had a part in anyhow, Noriova was interrupted by an onslaught of questions and comments concerning the name of Selphuvall’s supposed servant, Trypsoul.
Justarius the Elder asked the least amount of questions, although his interest was more genuine and knowledgeable than the younger Justarius, or Noriova for that matter. There was a great many things that Justarius called Senilis knew that he chose not to reveal.
Neither the younger Justarius nor Noriova, had believed the urban myth of Trypsoul, the prophet touched by a god (or goddess, if the older legends be considered.)
It was Justarius the Elder who set them straight.
“Trypsoul, the prophet “touched by a god” does, in fact, exist. I assure you of this because I ‘ave met him on more than one occasion."

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