9 Jenny again...  

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3/21/2006 2:29 am

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9 Jenny again...

Jenny has been giving me some positive feedback, even though I don't talk with her much (almost not at all.) I admit I'm scared to death of her. She's gorgeous, I listen to her talk to my co-workers around me, and she's intelligent and ambitious, and I'm reassured from an ex-boyfriend as well as my own experiences with her, that she's really nice... However, she looks at me sometimes and I can't help but smile, even if I am chickenshit to do anything else, I do make eye contact and smile... She smiles to and does the coy looking away thing. However, I know she's in a relationship, and whenever she does the coy thing, she always fingers a ring on her finger...(that sounded odd...) anyway, that's powerful nonverbal, and it scares the shit out of me... I mean, I'm crazy about this woman, and I always put others feelings first (perhaps a mistake?) when it comes to this sort of thing, and I can't help but think, okay, what if I get her to break up with her man for me, and things don't work out--well then she's lost him, and we've lost each other--and I guess it's all about the risk isn't it? why can't it ever be risk free?
That's about it for tonight... On a side note I've been corresponding with a few women from this site, and I"m interested, highly interested in a couple--but so far, the trend is to get some great feedback from some ladies, and then they don't respond 1 or 2 emails later... oh well... that's life. as I know it.
'til next time,

theiceprincess69 45F

3/21/2006 6:40 am

David, we cannot live without risk. Thoughit sounds (is) cliche, everything worth having is worth working for. I too have a 'Jenny', don't we all?? My 'Jenny' knows how I feel, and though the feeling is reciprocated, there is the girl he 'doesn't want to hurt', blah blah. Of course, he is willing to fuck around, but I am not that woman. I have too much respect for relationships. But, if you want this girl... talk to her, see how she feels. You don't have to cause her to do something unjust... How about dinner???

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