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GOTD started a fun way to use the keywords in a blog. She would make a story up using those keywords. Susie1971 couldn't find hers, so I located them for her and made this story. I hope you enjoy it.

Susie's keywords

Blogs(12), head(8}, love(7), messenger(6), phone(5), chocolate(5), email(4), training(3), lyrics(3), water(3), third(3), dark(3), profiles(3), diary(3), park(2), death(2), london(2), drugs(2), doctor(2), fuck(2).

The story for susie1971:

Well, I was cruising around the different blogs the other day. On the third one I viewed, a man had posted lyrics to a song I had loved when I was around 18 years old. Memories from that song flooded my brain.

I have always kept a diary, even back then. I left the computer and went to the attic and started rummaging around in the attic. I finally found what I was looking for. An old trunk, filled with keepsakes and some of my old diaries. We had only lived in London for one year, so I looked for that one. I finally found it and blew the dust off. I went back down and found the key to my current diary and decided to try it in the lock. It worked! I sort of laughed, as the little tin keys hadn't changed in all those years.

I made myself a cup of hot chocolate and settled in to read. As I opened the first page, I could almost swear I could smell the cheap perfume I had sprinkled on the pages back then. As I read, again the memories painted pictures in my head of that 18 year old girl.

As I read from the diary: "I met a boy today. He's so cute. He's different from a lot of the boys around here. He doesn't do drugs or any of the nasty things that so many seem into. He's at the University training to become a doctor. He's well mannered and seems to actually want to know me as a person. So many of the guys here only want a quick fuck."

I started giggling to myself now. I remember when I wrote the word fuck in there. I felt so grown up putting it my diary. Sure, I used the term as all the other kids did, but putting it in my diary was different. It was like an old trusted friend to me and I normally never cussed in it.

Anyway, back to reading: "It was a warm evening and I met James at the park. He and I walked along the edge of the water and watched the ducks swimming as the sun began to set. We were holding hands and feeling the warmth of each other. We have been seeing each other for over 3 weeks now and I fear that I am falling in love with him. We found a park bench and sat down. We held hands and talked until I noticed that it was quite dark and a sliver of a moon had risen. I pointed to it and said to James, "look at the moon as it dances on the water, isn't it beautiful." I heard him say, "Yes, very beautiful." It was more like a whisper in my ear. I turned to look at him and he was staring into my eyes. I knew he was talking about me and not the moon. We kissed, very soft and gently, then, with more passion as the kiss lingered. I soon felt the buttons on my blouse being undone, one by one. We held our kiss and I was surprised at how easily he undid the front clasp off my bra without looking. I could feel the night air as the cups parted and my breasts spilled forward. Our kiss was intense now and our tongues danced together. I could feel his hand run up my right breast and over the already erect nipple. As it did, even through the kiss, I gasped. When I did that, James pulled back and looked at me. I reached out and pulled him back to my lips. He captured my nipple and began to roll it softly back and forth between his thumb and finger. It was like an electric current going between my nipple and my loins. I was so wet, I was sure my skirt would be stained. James pulled back and looked me in the eyes. His voice was soft and barely above a whisper as he said, "Susie, I love you." My heart raced and as I threw my arms around him, I said, "I love you too, James." Our kiss was so passionate that I almost didn't hear the voices. But, James heard them too. We quickly pulled apart and I fumbled in buttoning up my blouse. Another couple was walking up the path and would soon be able to see us. I looked down and made sure everything was in order. It was. James and I looked at each other, smiled then started laughing. We got up and started walking just as the other couple rounded the corner. It was an older couple, maybe in their twenties. The man smiled at us and said "Hi kids" as they walked by. James and I giggled as they walked past and we walked even faster. James walked me home and as the lights were on and my family was moving about, he only gave me a quick peck on the lips and said "I'll phone you in an hour" as he hurried off to the place where he rented a room from a couple about a block away.

I put the diary down at this point and walked to my window and stared out into space. I knew what was coming on the next page of that diary. I didn't even have to read it. It was imprinted on my mind like it was yesterday. I remember waiting for James to call me. He didn't call in an hour. I remember getting a little upset with him that he was late. After two hours, I began to worry. I knew James didn't have a phone and used the one at the place he stayed. I thought about calling them, but it was getting late and they were an older couple that rented the room to James and I was afraid to call. I went to my room and sat on the bed. I wondered what to do. My emotions were doing funny things. They were a cross between anger at James not calling and worry. The house was quiet, as the family had gone to bed. I decided to sneak out of the house and walk to James house. I made my way quietly out of the house and walked quickly the block to the house where James stayed. There were no lights on and everything was dark. I didn't know which room was James, but all the lights were off. So, with nothing else to do, I went home. I had a hard time sleeping that night. I was upset because James had told me he loved me and I felt the same. He is the first person I have ever felt this for. The next morning, I went next door and talked to the boy there. I gave him some money to be my messenger and give a note to James. I told him where James lived and sent him off with the note. About a half hour later, there was a knock at my door and it was the boy from next door. He told me went over to give the note to James. But, when he arrived, there was an ambulance there, along with an aid car. He asked what happened and he was told there had been a death in the house. He said he didn't want to take the note to the house because of that. I asked him if he knew who had died. He didn't know. I knew that the couple James lived with was old, so I assumed it was one of them and perhaps that was why James hadn't called. The boy tried to give me back my money, but I told him to keep it and thanked him. I quickly made my way to James house. When I got there, I didn't see an ambulance or anything. I knocked on the door and an older lady answered. I asked her if I could talk to James. She said, "Honey, James is gone." I said, "Did he go to school?" She said, "No, sweetie, James died." I was dumb struck. I stammered out how? She said she didn't know what had happened, only that they found him dead on the floor of his room. She gave me the name of James parents and I left, running and crying back to my house.

I contacted James mother and father and told them who I was and that I was James girlfriend. They were grief stricken, but managed to take down my number. They told me they didn't know why James had died, but that an autopsy would be done within the next two days. They told me they would come by and see me when they got the results.

When James parents came over, I looked a mess. I had been crying for two days. I just hugged them and hugged them and we all cried. When we finally composed ourselves, they sat down and explained the autopsy results. It turns out that James had suffered a brain aneurism. The time of death would have been close to a half hour after he had left me. I said "how could a 20 year old have a brain aneurism?" They told me the doctors had told them it was a lot more common than people thought. The father looked at me and said, "Your name is Susie, isn’t it?" I said yes. He took out a paper and handed it to me. He said "this was found near James and he still had a pen in his hand." I looked at the paper. It was the handwritten lyrics to a song I loved. Apparently, James had written them down, then scratched out the name of the girl in the song and wrote Susie above it in each place it appeared. The father told me to keep it.

I went back to my diary and turned the page. There, neatly folded was the paper James father had given me. The song with Susie written in for the girl's name. Even though it was a long time ago, I still cried when I heard the song on the oldies stations. I went back to my computer and logged into AdultFriendFinder and went to the blog I had marked with a "watch this blog". I was curious about the author of the blog and went to the profiles section. I typed in Ghost Writer and the profile came up. The only entry was a name. The only blog entry was the one with the lyrics I loved. The name that was typed in was James. That was all. I sent an email to customer service to see if I could find out anything more about the handle Ghost Writer. Customer Service wrote back that there had never been a handle of Ghost Writer. I was pissed and went to my computer and quickly went to the blogs that I was watching. The blog was gone. Nothing there. I tried entering the handle for a profile search. Again, nothing.

I have drawn my conclusions. Now you draw yours.

catseyes23 61F

6/2/2006 4:34 am

Absolutely brilliant!


rm_Trillogy replies on 6/2/2006 5:42 am:
Thank you. I wanted it to have a bit of a twist. If you liked the twist on this one, go and read GoddessOftheDawn's latest work using the Keywords of DIVISION77. It's great, with a twist.

cairnsmale55 105M

6/2/2006 5:50 am

    Sir, you word imagery left me with tears in my eyes as I read. Thank you.

rm_Trillogy replies on 6/2/2006 3:58 pm:
cairnsmale, thank you for your kind words. I appreciate it. I enjoyed writing it.

Thank you for stopping by.

catseyes23 61F

6/2/2006 7:48 am

Trillogy replies on 6/2/2006 9:42 pm:
Thank you. I wanted it to have a bit of a twist. If you liked the twist on this one, go and read GoddessOftheDawn's latest work using the Keywords of DIVISION77. It's great, with a twist.

Please do povide me with the link.


rm_Trillogy replies on 6/2/2006 6:00 pm:
I sent you an email with the link in it. But, if it shows up here, the link is GoddessOfTheDawn for her blog.

redrobin012057 59F

6/2/2006 9:51 pm

Its very good but I seem to have lost my keywords.

rm_Trillogy replies on 6/3/2006 5:31 am:
lol, Robin, I'll see what I can do in a bit.

Thanks for coming by.

GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
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6/3/2006 12:24 am

~ smilez ~

rm_Trillogy replies on 6/3/2006 5:33 am:
ah, when the Goddess smiles, it's a good thing.

Thank you, it's good to "see" you smile.

qyxx 59F
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6/4/2006 11:12 am

Excellent!! All I can say is excellent!!


rm_Trillogy replies on 6/4/2006 2:39 pm:
gyxx, thank you, this was my first attempt at something like this. GOTD did it in her blog and so I gave it a try. I appreciate you coming by and commenting.

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