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8/16/2005 10:27 pm

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Another day

So, I went out the other night and I noticed something. Most of the women in the club were wearing tops that left little to the imagination and those hip hugger pants with their g-strings hangin' out. And I noticed that a vast majority of them, if one were to watch them long enough, were constantly trying to cover up their boobs or pull up their pants. Allot would also get rather irritated if you made a comment, a flirtatious one at that, about their clothing.

wtf? If they are so selfconsious about the fact their clothes are showing a little more than they want them to (i.e. all the pulling and hitching) then why in the FK do they buy them, let alone wear them out in public. And why are they gonna get pissed when a man comments about what little they are wearing.....once again, I was under the impression that women wore things like this to be noticed over other women..guess I was wrong.

Would any women care to explain this to me. 'Cause I'm REALLY friggin confused about this whole trend-like thing.

Not angry mind you, just REALLY REALLY confused. Boobs....they're great!

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