Meeting That Certain Someone.  

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8/30/2006 1:51 pm

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Meeting That Certain Someone.

Has I post my self to seek that playmate and to fill my needs I realize there are alot of us out there that have the same needs. For me I thought it was quite simple to meet that certain group or person. me being frugal I did not go to the highest membership level price (There went 50% of my chances). For some they did for chance to meet their matches. Then I selected a certain build and age range. People told me I was too old too young (There went 40% of my chances). But, everyone needs lovin and that I respect. Then I ended up with a 1% chance to meet people who match my needs. The other 9% well that is the group that is into certain fetishes I am uncomfortable with bondgage/SM (personnal issue for me healthy thoughts for others people have their needs.). Then my favorite people who I respect and understand the gay/lesbian group. You guys live in society and are like normal people to me. I know a few and are great people, I would party with the guys and go girl watching with the ladies. But, I am straight although the offers are great I am not into sex with a guy (personnal thing with me). So if people like to get together even for a wham bam thank you no strings attached or a get together for constant activities lets do it. I always look forward to meeting that one percent. .....You guys rock

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Just have fun Love that photo thumbnail.

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