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1/21/2006 6:35 am

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I wonder about the effectiveness of winks. They seem to be the only way standard members can contact others on this site, other than through blogging, and yet they have not been very effective. I've sent my maximum number of winks (10 per day) on numerous occasions and I only have received 1 wink. And to be honest, I believe it was someone winking me, not a return to my wink.

So, this morning I receive an email stating that I've been winked, and as a standard member, I'm not able to make a move. Here a GOLD member has finally initiated contact, and I'm stuck without a means of returning the comment except to wink back.

So, what does that do? How does a returned wink to a wink let her know I'd love to connect in some form, to start exploring the possibility of compatibility. To see if a connection has finally been made after a year of working this site off and on. But all I am allowed is to send a wink.

Hopefully when she logs on later today she will see I've updated my profile to include my AIM handle and added this blog. Maybe she will read the blog and realize that she can either respond to the blog to start the conversation or try to monitor AIM to see when I'm logged on to the computer.

All in all, neither options ensure I will have a connection with this newly found interested party. I guess that is the price standard members pay on this site.

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