What Do You Think Of?  

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3/29/2006 3:08 pm

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What Do You Think Of?

What do you think of in the shower? When you are wet and naked and all alone.

I used to shower each morning with my wife. It was a pleasure for both of us. To be wet, naked and completely in love. More often than not, one of us would leave the shower happy.

But not any longer. Our schedules have changed and now I shower alone.

So this morning my mind wandered to the counselor at my youngest's school. She is a beautiful woman, slightly older than me I think, but still a wonderful demonstration of the glory of a woman.

She first caught my eye last fall when she wore a leopard print outfit. From head to toe she was covered in this leopard print. It got my mind to wander and wonder if she was wearing a leopard bra and panty set. Oh the glorious wanderings of a mind.

So each morning as I drop my son off at school, I make a point to notice what the counselor is wearing. Today, because it had warmed up a bit in central Kentucky, her coat was open for the first time in recent memory. She was wearing pink. Again, the mind began to wander . . . what is under that pink dress?

So, when I returned home to shower and dress for work (I slept in this morning so I hadn't had the opportunity to get ready prior to driving my son to school), my mind returned to the counselor. What was she wearing under that dress?

As I let my clothes fall to the floor and stepped into the shower I wondered what it would take to get her to join me. How fun would that parent-teacher conference be? I began to imagine taking my time washing her body, from head to toe. I imagined each and every inch of skin. How soft, how beautiful.

I became rock hard standing there in the shower. It was a pleasure to reach down and imagine her hands finding my solid dick and pushing it towards her willing pussy. To know that simply thinking about her had turned me on.

It was a glorious shower !!

And so I ask, what do you think of when you're alone, wet and naked?

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