The Painter (Part 3)  

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4/6/2006 7:12 pm
The Painter (Part 3)

I think she was toying with me. She started to fondle her left breast while continuing to flip through the various remaining canvasses.

“Thinking about being naked and painting is such a turn on, don’t you think?” she asked.

I couldn’t control myself any further, my cock had bulged to its full size long before, and I’d seen her looking there when her hand moved to her breast. I needed to move around that table and take this beauty.

In what seemed like a single stride I was around the table and pulling her to my arms. My hands firmly grasped her ass, she was wearing a short skirt and a thong (how had I not noticed this before?) and I applied firm pressure to each cheek as I pulled her into my body for a long passionate kiss.

Our lips eagerly sought one another and it wasn’t long before our tongues were probing into our partner’s mouth. And then the unexpected happened, she reached down with her right hand and started to pull open my pants. I didn’t realize I could get any larger and harder, but the second her hand touched my already swollen cock it grew larger.

She pulled my pants and shorts down exposing my naked ass to the public. My back was to the wall of windows so anyone walking by could see us. But neither of us cared about an audience. We needed to become one today.

Our lips parted and she knelt down in front of me taking all of my cock into her mouth in one quick motion. I groaned out loudly as my head sank to the back of her throat. She started to work her head back and forth, moving slowly at first and then increasing the speed. She moved her tongue around the head of my cock each time she reached that point and then sank my shaft back into her willing mouth.

Her left hand was cuddling my sack and her right hand started to stroke my cock. I was moaning out even more loudly now, “keep it going baby, you know what I need!”

At one point I looked up to see several of my staff looking on admiringly. They would keep this quiet, I had no fear my wife would ever find out. They were a very loyal staff who enjoyed the various benefits of working on this team. Knowing they were watching us made the experience even that more enjoyable.

I almost exploded in her mouth when one of my secretaries started to move her hand to her own breast. She didn’t even realize she had done so until our eyes locked. She looked away in embarrassment. She was the only female staff member I had yet to enjoy. Maybe, just maybe a few more episodes like this . . .

But what am I thinking? I have this young beautiful artist working me over and I’m planning on how to make a move on my secretary? I’d better get back to this moment.

And so I looked down into her beautiful blue eyes just as she looked up into mine. The grin on her face showed me how much pleasure we were both getting at this moment.

I pulled her up, kissed her deeply once more, and then turned her around and pushed her face down on the table. I reached under her skirt and pulled of her thong. It was the same pink as her bra.

She moaned as I reached my fingers in to find her pussy. I started by rimming her, taking my sweet time as my finger moved up one side of her and then down the other. I could feel her getting extremely wet and I could also sense her lips opening to my touch.

“Please, don’t tease me!” she almost screamed that phrase. “I was kind to you, be giving to me.”

I moved my head under her skirt and started to lick her sweet spot with my tongue. Again, as with my finger, I started up one side and then came back down the other. She was so delicious! I just love to eat a great tasting woman.

And so on my second or third time around her pussy, I finally flicked my tongue into the now good sized opening. Her body was preparing itself to receive me, and it excited both of us at the anticipation.

I found her clit and continued to work it with my tongue. I also took my left hand and started to finger fuck her. “More, give me more!” Again, she was almost yelling.

As I came up for air, I looked to the hall. A rather large congregation of people was gathering. I looked to where my new playmate was focusing her attention and noticed she had been squeezing her tits, having completely removed her shirt, much to the approval of the men, and some of the women, watching us.

I stood to my feet and stuck myself into her. Not hard, I eased it in, wanting to experience the pleasure of taking this beautiful woman. I could feel her pussy muscles tighten and help to pull my still throbbing cock into her.

I was so excited I almost exploded just as I sank the last of myself into her accepting pussy. I had to close my eyes to find my focus to keep from ending this wonderful experience just as it was starting.

Just as I was able to compose myself, she started to work her muscles like I’d never experienced before. I’d heard of women who could make a man cum just from pulsing their vaginal muscles, but I’d never had the pleasure of being with one. And to find a woman who was so experienced at such a young age.

Again, I had to find my focus so that I didn’t finish just as we were starting. It had been quite some time since I’d had this much trouble finding self control. It was like I was a young man again. No longer able to control myself. Given to cuming at the drop of a hat.

When I opened my eyes again, the entire crowd was focused right on the two of us. Who would finish first. My partner was watching my coworkers with great intensity. Knowing we were drawing so many to watch made her pump even harder once I began to move in and out. She was getting into this.

I asked, “Is this your first public show?”

“Yes, and I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying it! I want to cum right now !!”

“Yes, I do too!! Let’s cum together.”

And that is what we did. And for the next twenty to thirty minutes we found several different positions and different methods to make each other cum several more times.

The crowd finally remembered a report or phone call or project that needed their attention and thinned out. But even as the last person left the hall, we were both tied together in yet another position, enjoying the pleasure we were giving each other.

I didn’t even buy a painting that day. But as she left I asked her to stop in at another time so I could take another look at her wares.

She winked and said, “I think once is enough. I don’t want to ruin this incredible memory.”

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