Does age make a difference?  

rm_Torsch2 69M
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10/30/2005 6:07 am

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4/1/2006 4:35 pm

Does age make a difference?

You see some profiles that say, that age is not a factor, and then others that specify a certain age range. How much does age influence your choice to meet another guy, or gal for sex?
I've always thought that a cock was a cock, and a pussy a pussy, regardless of it's age. True, an older guy's cock sometimes takes a little more foreplay to get hard but I've never seen one that wouldn't stand up there.
Many young guys on this site "prefer not to say" when they fill out their profile. I wonder how many of them would drop their pants for an older guy compared to a younger guy.
It's a shame to see so many chances for sex slip by because someone has a problem with age.

Straycatsetsuko 61F

10/30/2005 7:30 am

Young men have gotten in touch with me. My biggest problem is that I'm a mom. Or was, I'm a consultant, now. But, anyway, I see a guy around my daughter's age, and it's just not right. They're like sons. I wouldn't be able to. My first was stillborn, and, when I see a guy in his early 30's, I just can't hang. It's like it could be him.

Another thing is I've been and done many, many things in this decidedly wasted life. How can I relate to someone my kids' age? How many times have I looked at a picture of some guy half my age, and thought "Fetus?" A tough old broad like me... nah. They're too innocent, in a lot of ways.

greatnsexy69 47M

10/30/2005 10:42 am

When you see someone profile and she could be a new york model, and goes on to say age/sex/race not a factor, Doesn't that raise some red flags for you? Most of the time when I have contacted profiles like this they turned out to be bots or hookers or just real women on the site trying to collect email addresses

YoungLover_BE 31M

11/2/2005 2:09 pm

As you can see T'm a young guy myself and I think that this keeps a lot of women from contacting me. especially +30 women. I have no problem with age , a 50 yr old women can be as sexy as a 20 yr old in my eyes , it's all in your mind! But I understand some of these women just think of me as too young , all I can say is , don't just judge a book by it's cover(or age in this case). Always have a chat with someone first before deciding what he's like. People could suprise you!

mujo1234 51M

1/15/2006 4:37 pm

hi, contact me

rm_Torsch2 69M
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3/13/2006 7:17 am

nikki, YoungLover BE is an exceptional young man. I see that you can see it from his comments. I sent him a mail once after I had watched him on cam telling him that he was a very hot kid and I enjoyed his cam show. He took the time to write back and since then we chat and mail all the time. And let me tell you, he's as nice a guy, or nicer than his profile and comments show. He's one of those rare people who are very beautiful, sexual, and intelligent, who don't act like they know it. He doesn't judge. I'm an old man, who couldn't hold a candle to his beauty and lovely body, but he makes no judgement. We talk about sex, life, friends, music, and lots of other things. He's truly a great kid, and I'm glad you noticed it. Be sure, if he made a date with you, he wouldn't stand you up.

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